Magento Mobile App Development

Top Factors that Make Magento Mobile App Development Successful

We take a look at the main factors due to which Magento mobile app development is successful.

  • Flexibility

Magento is flexible. You can tailor the entire system as per the product and/or services you’re selling. In the future you can reset or manage attributes without altering the admin panel.

  • Usage of mobile wallet

The use of mobile wallets is rising. Users are slowly becoming comfortable with online payments. The latter are increasing at a quick pace. The trend is to include the maximum number of payment methods to facilitate online payments.

  • Ability to gather relevant customer data

You can watch as well as control the entire system. It is possible to collect useful data regarding customers such as their likes and browsing behaviour. There are support tools which give an exhaustive report regarding the mobile app’s usage and performance as well as factors that are the reason for malfunctions.

  • Popularity of conversational interfaces

Humans love to interact. A desirable feature of a mobile app is being able to discuss one’s choices with co-shoppers, sellers as well as customer care personnel. These conversational interfaces enhance the shopping experience as well as develop a trustworthy reputation for businesses.

  • Virtual assistants

Popularly referred to as chatbots, these intelligent assistants provide useful services to customers such as aiding them to browse the store and search for specific products, do payments and answer queries related to product return as well as exchange.

  • Ecommerce friendly features

These include simple navigation, simple check-out, synchronous as well as seamless order processing, multiple payment gateway support.

  • Voice searches

Simply put voice search is using a search engine by speaking instead of typing. It makes search more interactive.

  • Superior design features

Magento has an excellent responsive front-end design. The customers find it easy and convenient to use Magento mobile apps.

  • Usage of Virtual reality and Augmented reality

VR or Virtual Reality is an artificial computer produced simulation of a real-life scenario. It makes the user feel like they are experiencing the simulated reality first-hand. AR or Augmented Reality is a technology that mounts computer produced enhancements on top of an existing reality with the purpose of making it more meaningful via the ability to interact with it.

Other factors to make a Magento Mobile App a success include uncluttered interface, judicious employment of filters, condensed navigation, animated designs, informative shopping cart screen, push notifications and others.


Benefits of big data in ecommerce

Benefits of Big Data in ecommerce Platforms

‘Big Data’ is a term employed to describe a very large sized collection of data. The data is so vast as well as complex such that none of the conventional data management tools have the capability to store it or properly process it. We take a look at how the usage of big data proves immensely useful to ecommerce platforms.

  • Give customers a superior experience

Certain entities leverage big data to pinpoint possible frauds as well as safeguard the identity of shoppers. It is now possible to prevent credit card fraud in real time. Sellers need not compete by pricing alone. Big data can be used to deliver a seamless, personalized as well as pleasing experience to all kinds of shoppers.

  • Bring down the instances of shopping cart abandonment

It is an overwhelming task to track why potential customers don’t complete the purchase online. Big data analysis lets you know the reasons with ease. This knowledge helps offer a better selling proposition to purchasers leading to reduction in shopping cart abandonment.

  • Shopper analysis

Big data helps in developing accurate shopper profiles. E-commerce sites can determine visitor’s preferences such as the timings when they mostly shop or their favorite products. Using this information, you can better target potential customers with offers.

  • Enhanced customer service

Customer service is key in ecommerce. It is far easier to retain customers than getting new ones. Also repeat customers spend more than first time customers. Big data enables tracking of delivery times as well as levels of customer satisfaction. So, you are aware of the potential problems and proceed to rectify them before a customer uses your ecommerce platform.

  • Provide more personalized interactions

E-commerce websites track visitor’s activities and use their purchase as well as navigation history to deliver more personalized services. Examples are smart suggestions as well as interactive reminders based on how you interact with the website. For example, if you are buying a laptop from the site, a list of various computer peripherals will come in the suggestions.

  • Accurate predictions

Big data helps enterprises to anticipate future trends as well as better assess future demand. Thus, inventory can be ordered, the delivery system put in place, offers determined and sales campaign planned. Big data consists not only of data on the website but also of various social channels. Thus, a comprehensive and potent sales campaign can be put in place to maximize sales as well as profits.

  • Reach out customers at the right place and through the right communication channel

Big data in Magento ecommerce platforms helps contact customers as well as prospects when they are ready to purchase, on their preferred channel (social media, SMS, email) in the most appropriate location (driving their vehicle, at work, at the mall, at home).

Magento eCommerce Business

Use of Magento eCommerce Business Intelligence (BI) for B2B Companies

Magento Business Intelligence is a comprehensive data analytics solution specifically designed to aid enterprises to extract value from data as well as ramp up their business further. The potent tool consolidates Magento extensions, third-party solutions as well as the data from the database to deliver useful analytics insight to take your business on an upward curve.

Features of Magento BI

  • It enables you to retrieve data straight from your Customer Relationship Database. It is not necessary to import anything.
  • It monitors customer behavior. This enables you to identify which channel will deliver a high return on investment.
  • It is highly customizable. It can be aligned to suit your business requirements. It has the ability to integrate your business systems with itself.
  • As it is cloud based you can log in from any geographical location.
  • It stores critical data from diverse sources in a single location for easy access.
  • It permits you to define your preferred metrics with the facility of receiving automatically updated reports.

How Magento BI can aid ecommerce businesses

  • Leveraging Magento BI can enable your ecommerce business to obtain fresh customers. The insights that it provides you in the field of customer behavior helps you identify the places there are relatively larger profit margins. This will help you make informed decisions on product categories. You will be able to choose categories that have a relatively higher profit based on the insights provided above.
  • It can support the management in the latter’s effort to retain repeat customers. Managers can analyze the data produced to identify which customers are responsive and ramp up revenue. This way BI contributes to relatively higher business efficiency.
  • For those ecommerce enterprises that make use of ads, Magento BI can help ramp up their efficiency. Ecommerce enterprises that have harnessed Magento BI have realized up to 70% increase in ad efficiency.
  • Magento BI can also be leveraged the improve decision making in ecommerce businesses. Decisions are reported to be fivefold faster thanks to Magento BI. This is possible due to the integration of the BI tool with all sorts of data from the enterprise.
  • Advantages of Business Analytics for Magento B2B Marketing
  • B2B enterprises have specific requirements when it comes to harnessing data. Magento BI provides data-driven dashboards for B2B merchants.
  • Enable multiple opportunities for enterprise commerce
  • Attract, Convert and Retain Clients
  • Save resources in terms of time and money with advanced analytics insights.
artificial intelligence can revolutionize Magento

How Artificial Intelligence Can Revolutionize Magento

Many ecommerce stores are powered by Magento. The popularity of the latter is growing by leaps and bounds every day. Though the artificial intelligence technology was relatively primitive in the past with the passage of time it has matured. Leveraging artificial intelligence has the potential to make Magento even more potent as well as powerful. We look at ways how the power of AI makes Magento more effective.

Virtual shopping assistants

Chatbots or virtual shopping assistants are a manifestation of AI that transforms as well as improves the online shopping experience. These intelligent virtual assistants inform the shoppers regarding the discounts offered and new products and/or services. The former also respond to customer’s queries as well as complaints. Experts predict that chatbots will fully take over the role of customer care in the near future as they work as well or even better than human customer care personnel.

Staves off frauds

Accepting payments and monetary transactions are major activities for ecommerce businesses. AI has the ability to detect fraudulent activities even in a clutter of transactions. Synergistic AI with Magento prevents frauds in an effective as well as seamless manner. Marrying AI with Magento results in superior precision as well as augmentation when bench marked against the human brain. There is a stellar judgement of behavioral as well as purchasing patterns. The dependency on human intervention is brought down resulting in minimal time expended to identify fraudulent transactions.

Targeted user experience

User experience determines success in the e-commerce arena as customers prefer to choose the vendors who provide them with the right information at the right time. Leveraging machine learning as well as cognitive computing, AI collects the big data of several users and employs it to craft targeted user experiences that compel customers to shop.

Enabling a seamless shopping experience

Currently, both B2B and B2C customers prefer Magento because of its advanced search options as well as an array of customized extensions. However, with AI’s sophisticated context-based search, store navigation becomes swifter and much more user-friendly. Now Natural Language Processing(NLP) will power semantics keywords search.

Personalization of mobile shopping

Mobile-only apps deliver a seamless user experience that users now expect. With time better presentation and processing of data will enhance the mobile shopping experience. AI will help personalize the mobile shopping experience by leveraging personal data of users and display items based on past requirements, preferences, budget and geographical location.