Magento 2 SEO extensions

Top Magento 2 SEO Extensions for Better Rankings on SERP

There is no place like the first page of Google! And for an eCommerce store owner, there should not be any, when 51% of shoppers make Google search, before shopping online (ThinkwithGoogle).

Now when you know the importance of top rankings on SERPs. Being a Magento 2 user, you also want to know how to reach that place?

Well, today we are not handing you a bag full of SEO tactics but a full-blown Magento SEO solution: The Magento SEO extensions! 

Top Magento 2 SEO extensions-

SEO is a long-running process that demands a team of SEO experts, patience, time and money, especially in the throat-cutting competition of eCommerce. In the further blog, we will introduce top SEO extensions for Magento 2 that efficient and timesaving.

The SEO extension fits best for both popular search engines, Google and Bing. A bundle of outstanding features, this MegaPlaza extension gets auto-active straight from its installation, if no code modification. You can understand extension friendliness with its ability to provide product meta keywords & description.

Price- Free and premium version starting at $199

Highlighted features: 

  • Prevent duplicate content issues
  • Page analysis for rich snippets Preview
  • Add Schema structural data
  • Advanced XML and HTML sitemaps
  • Link alternative tags
  • SEO metadata template rules
  • SEO checklist & cross-links
  • Multistore support
  • Layered navigation support
  • Crosslink SEO
  • Hreflang tag for language specification
  • SEO report( 404, checklist, duplicity, word count) checking
  • SEO suite ultimate extension for Magento 2 by Mageworx

The all-in-one Magento SEO extension covers the full-range of on-page SEO activities. Not only this, but extension can serve all your small page elements to the entire store architecture. It adds canonical tags to all CMS pages, products and categories so you don’t face any duplicity issue.

Price- $299

Highlighted features:

  • Duplicate content elimination
  • Optimize crawling and indexation
  • Cross-linking (Internal link building)
  • Metadata mass-optimization
  • SEO for layered navigation page
  • HTML and XML sitemaps
  • Alternate URL (Hreflang tag)
  • SEO reports
  • Create rich snippets
  • Smart redirects
  • Extended Breadcrumbs
  • Blog support
  • Pager optimization
  • Magento 2 SEO Suite extension by Mirasvit

Also known as an SEO powerhouse, this Mirasvit extension gives control for all from sitemap to meta tag. Other than this, it works efficiently with configuration flow and major enhancement. The extension has incredible packages that serve you the top position of SERPs at a pocket-friendly price.

Price- $99/ monthly (Money-back guarantee trail)

Highlighted features:

  • Massive CTR boost
  1. Rich snippets
  2. Open graph
  3. Breadcrumbs
  • Thorough URL customization
  1. Seo friendly rewrites
  2. Canonical URLs
  3. Relationship tags
  4. Automatic redirects
  • Flexible templates
  1. Simple interface
  2. Manual rewrites
  3. Powerful rules
  • Inevitable values
  1. Higher search ranking
  2. Improved search CTR
  • Handy SEO toolbar
  • Instant crosslinking
  • Advanced sitemap(XML/HTML)
  1. 4. SEO toolkit for Magneto 2 by Amasty

The Magento 2 extension is a true toolkit for fixing SEO matters. It is an SEO effective solution that maximises your search engine presence and gets you more organic traffic. For serving better Google interaction, it automates SEO settings for your Magento store, including:

  • Reduce manual work
  • Increase store traffic & ranking
  • Boost sales revenue
  • Grow store indexation

Price- $249/90 days (Money back guarantee trail)

Highlighted Features: 

  • One-click SEO analysis
  • Create meta tag temples with Yoast
  • Add rich snippets
  • Advanced pagination & redirects
  • Configure a unique product URL
  • Automate cross-linking
  • Configure dynamic HTML with sitemap
  • Build XML Google sitemap
  • 5. Magento 2 SEO extension Webkul

To improvise the online store SEO, this Webkul extension offers plentiful tools and options. The extension helps to create rich snippets for all products, categories, and CMS pages. To make your store social media friendly, you can add Twitter cards and FB open graphs and share products on them. Last but not least before the feature, SEO meter addition for further SEO suggestions.

Price- $149 

Highlighted features:

  • Social sharing options
  • Product, category and CMs rich snippets
  • Sitemap generation
  • SEO meter
  • Snippets preview
  • Ping service
  • XML & HTML sitemap
  • Sitelink search box
  • 404 error email notification
  • Search engine robots
  • Hreflang tag support

In closing!

To clear confusion on these remarkable Magento 2 SEO extensions, we have shared the best ones with full-blown features. However, before making a choice, we suggest you understand your business needs or enlist Magento 2 SEO professionals to help you.

Magento web API

Get Started with Magento Web APIs (REST & SOAP)

They made an API (Application Programming Interface) to exchange data efficiently in standard formats between distinct software. Thus Magento web APIs successfully work with the concept.  

Today, it is helping developers and integrators to build the service that can communicate with third-party modules. The best part is, it supports both REST and SOAP and is based on CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) operations.    

Technical right? Don’t worry! Before diving towards the technical world, let’s clear the basics with some amateur’s words. 

Do you ever log in a site with the help of your Facebook account? Or access Google maps on apps? The technology or should say data exchange tool working between the software are APIs. So what about when all these API things come to perform between Magneto built apps?  

Yeah, now we can discuss Magento web APIs.  

Understanding Magento Web APIs- The developers looking to use web services and want an efficient system to communicate with Magento systems, Magento Web APIs are for them. How it makes work easy for Magento developers is easy to understand with the following features of it. 

  • Supports both REST (Representational State Transfer) and SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol). 
  • Offers three types of authentication 
  1. OAuth 1.0a for third-party application authentication
  2. Tokenization method for mobile application authentication
  3. Login credential for administration and customer verification
  • Configuration possible with some lines of XML( Magento and Third-party API)
  • Supports field filtering of web API for conserve mobile response 
  • Based on the CRUD and search model
  • Help with various modules communicate and task 
  • Connect Magento stores & control global inventory with a physical system such as POS
  • Easy Integration with CRM and ERP and backend systems such as Microsoft Salesforce dynamics and other software
  • Connect with CMS (Content Management System) 
  • Create JavaScript widgets on Magento frontend and backend

How is it useful for your business? 

  • Work as a communication bridge between the user and service providers. 
  • Helps to communicate various software and combinedly serve for the query. For example, UBER, Kayak etc use Google maps. 
  • Letting you sign up with the help of FB and Google account.  

Meet Magento 2 REST APIs- When you enter Magento online store, search for your desired products and get a whole of the same projects. Do you know how it takes place? Yes, it is because of REST APIs.

The application programming interface is a set of rules that allow developers to talk to each other and also clients to the server. 

Basics of REST- Developers follow these set of rules when they create API.

  • Piece of Data called Resources
  • URL called Request 
  • Date send back called Response 
  • Endpoint is the URL you request for
  • Rootpoint is the starting point (API requested from)
  • Path is the resources you requested for 
  • (:) Any colons denote variable 
  • Query parameters are the final part of the endpoint and begin with (?)

Meet Magento 2 SOAP APIs- Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) is a messaging protocol that is a set of rules to communicate between web services. It serves verbosity, extensibility, independence and neutrality between the requester and serving providers. 

It allows developers to call upon processes running on disparate operating systems such as Windows, macOS, and Linux. By using XML it makes authentication, authorisation and communication processes easy. Despite other operating systems, SOAP allows clients to implore web services and receive responses independent of platform & languages.  

However, these days it is more about REST APIs than SOAP. Fast performance, ability to grow by reusing components and reliability, perhaps the reasons behind its name RESTful

How to get started with Magento Web APIs?

First step– Get started is to register a web service on Magento Admin. After that, do the following. 

  • For token-based authentication- Create a web service user (System > Permission > All users > Add new user)
  • For session-based (OAuth) authentication- No need to create a user in Admin.  

Second step- Create a new integration on Magento Admin (System > Extension > integration > Add new integration**)

Note: Don’t forget to restrict accessible integration resources. And for more guidance, use the user guide.  

In a nutshell!

We have gone through the depth of technicalities to collect this lucid Magento Web APIs insights for you. Hope the above discussion on APIs, REST APIs, SOAP APIs, and Magento Web APIs make you understand its importance. 

For more such Magento updates and insights, follow the link.  



Magento 2 For Voice search

How to Optimize Your Magento 2 Store for Voice Search?

Online shopping is trendy and top platforms like Magento 2 are adding more and more to boost conversions. Besides voice search, one of those big things they are working on for a long time.

While driving, busy hands, rapid searches, long keywords and of course work-shy people, searching via voices is the easiest answer.

But, if you think it’s an overnight upturn, then “over 1 million searches were voice searches in 2018.” And in 2021: The era of smart Devices is only speeding it.

The most dominating one is mobile originated searches, as according to the current Google stats, “Every 5th search of a phone is a voice search.”

At last, mobile searches can lead you top on SERPs that leads to conversion and revenue.

And in today’s blog, we are discussing those points that you can work to improve Magento 2 voice searches and conversion rate.

How to Optimize Magento 2 Store for Voice Searches?

  • Conventional Keyword Research- Your keywords always be the centre-ground of what people search and create content. Below given, two points are utmost to remember while creating content.
  • Semantic Strategy- After Google Hummingbird algorithm, long-tail keywords are now more valuable for higher search results. The aim behind this was to make website voice search-friendly. By using semantic words in the content body, title and description, it becomes natural search-friendly.
  • Use of Natural Languages- 70% of voice searches originate from Google assistant. In such cases, people most of the time search in their natural languages, especially work on your long-tail keywords and queries.
  • Speed Optimisation- In a year where countries started using 5G technology, waiting for even 3 second doesn’t sound faithful. And it’s easiest to understand the importance of site speed when for years we have that 3 second and 50% customers bounce back rule.

And if we talk about the devices from where the largest voice search comes from, then most of the time mobile users are in a rush.

Tips to optimize Magento 2 site speed-

  • Test website on Google Pagespeed Insights and make the changes according to it.
  • Use GTmatrix and check for the Yslow tab to analyze.
  • Mobile-friendly Website- Mobile-First Index is a well proof action of Google to understand the value of mobile-friendly sites. And beforehand mentioned the connection of mobile-oriented searches and voice searches are not negligible.

How to keep a site mobile-friendly?

  • Develop a store mobile version
  • Synchronize the mobile and desktop response
  • Check sitemap ensures it includes mobile pages
  • Mobile speed loading
  • Design site as per UX

Also know- Why must you choose Magento 2 for M-Commerce? 

  • CJM site structure- Set Customer Journey Map as per voice searches also, as text customers can have a distinct way to search. Make sure you analyse the sales funnel and understand where traffic is coming. Also, note why and from where customers are leaving.

Steps to keep in mind while CJM- 

  • Understand the buyer’s persona
  • Understand the buyer’s goal
  • Map out customers touchpoints
  • Priorities according to previous steps & fix blocks
  • Update and improve
  • Appealing Snippets- A quick answer box & fully featured snippets is what can appear up even from the top search results. And to choose between attracting search quarry results and title & description results is not that tough to choose, right? Well, don’t know about you, but Google chose the snippets and placed it on zero position.

And if your snippet well suits the search quarry, voice software chooses your website most, probably.

  • Local searches- Mostly people search for off-line services while they do a local search. He will search as long as possible but also try to search as near possible as well. As everyone wants the best, but near as well. In such a case, to increase your Magento store chances to appear in search results, optimise it according to the local market.

A best single way to optimize Magento 2 site for local search-

  • Use Google My Business listing 
  1. Add correct & complete business information
  2. Verify correct location, phone number
  3. Accurate & up-to-date business hours
  4. High-quality photos
  5. Optimize it for local searches
  • Google zero block- You have seen some Google results that have the answer, and you don’t need to click the website link. Placed in zero position means Google rates your answers best and ranks it on the top positions. Also, it saves google resources indexing millions of pages.

Steps get on zero positions- 

  • Use info keywords (Starting with question words) that already have zero blocks
  • Include the main keyword in the question
  • Create quick answers including bullets & list

Apart from voice searches, also know how to optimise Magento 2 to boost conversion rate. 

Voice Searches Means Present & Future Talk!

Our Magento2  experts have prepared these highly useful optimisation voice search strategies for you. Still, when you are reading this line, they are optimising Magento sites for voice search and have worked for many, till date.

So, if you are also searching for someone with expertise and up-to-date skills, magePoint is for you.

Magento 2 Security

Secure your store with best Magento 2 Security practices

Having an online store on Magento 2 shields you in many ways with its time-to-time updates and features. Yet, the current spending on site vulnerabilities won’t let you ignore it especially when Gartner estimates it $ 133.7 billion in 2022.

However, while you upgrade to Magento 2, lot’s of security practices are already done. And for full-blown Magento 2 security practices, you can thank us later.

Magento announced it for Magento EOL (End Of Life) long ago and the sound can be clearly heard now. As a Magento Development Agency, we hope you have also reached safely on Magento 2, for the sake of security.

Nevertheless, extending safety technologies are followed by stocking security threats. In such cases, it’s better to be aware of the next security practices.

The Best Magento 2 security Practices-

Protect Magento admin- Admin panel of Magento known for its handiness and efficiency. By the same way, if it’s insecure, it’s like you’re handing the cockpit to hijackers. Hackers can easily access your entire site by undertaking your admin panel. So if you don’t want them to steal or modify data, inject malware, store redirection, host malicious, protect your admin by:

Change default admin URL-


Log in Admin Panel

Go to Stores > Configuration

Chick Advance > Admin

Expand Admin base URL section

Set “Use Custom Admin URL” to “Yes”

Enter the Custom admin URL

You will be logged out and redirected to the “New admin URL”

Limit access to the admin


System > Permission > Users roles

Click “Add new role”

Enter username and password

Go to “Role Resources”

Select the resource access you wish to grant your new user

Click “Save Role”

After adding new users you can select specific roles

Use Updated Software-

The latest version of Magento with all the latest security patches- Magento regularly updates security patches and updates to check website potential and vulnerabilities. For that, it will be best if you regularly update these security patches, so keep your platform update and safety measures too. However, there are some steps you have to ensure when upgrading a site:

Backup code and database before changes

Change your Magento root directory into an upgraded one

Use SSH to login remote server

Commit, add and push code changes

Update your project

Verify your Magento version

Complete deployment

Updated extensions- Extensions are made to work easy, don’t use them as a burden and security threats. Ensure the safety of extension before choosing it for your site. If you are using an older one, make sure it’s upgraded. Moreover, to upgrade your Magento extension, you can follow these steps:

Create a new branch on your local workstation and then make any changes.

Disable your extensions as per requirements.

Download extension upgrades as per the availability.

Install the upgrade as documented

Test & enable extensions

Commit, add and push code changes to remote

Test in your integration environment

Push to the staging environment to test in a pre-production environment

Strict File Permissions- For preventing your file from tempting and hacking, assure your file permissions are strict. As per Magento rule book, your core file and directory should be set with the read-only setting. The 777 file permission should always be avoided, as it offers all to read, write and execute permission to all users. Rather than this, active 640, so it’s available for owners only.

Regularly Backup data- Precaution is better than cure! And this rule goes for website security also. In the case of Magneto, ensure your database and server are automatically directed to an external location. So when there is any malware attack, you have all your data in safe hands.

Activate web app farewell- By filtering and monitoring HTTP traffic between web application and internet, this is how farewell secures your site. Farewell protects your site from harmful bots, blacklisted IPs and petty users.

Disable dangerous PHP functions- Some of the PHP functions could be used to inject malicious code to site. And to ignore them, double-check disabled.

Install a security plugin- You can’t sit day-and-night over your site after security is a 24-hour job. And for that, It will be better if you use a security plugin for your site. With the help of Magento security plugin, you can focus on your business rather than worrying about security.

Conduct security audit- Cross-check is also important when it comes to every-second changeable web security. Carefully overview the VAPT report, and make any possible fixes and security lapses.

Protect your server- HTTPS/SSL are the security layers of your site while communicating with the server. Other than that, don’t install extensions directly on the server but disable Magento downloader. As another option, you can remove/block access or better if use a whitelisting method.

For some more Magento 2 Security Tips click the link you just saw.

Why magePoint for Magento 2 security?

Hope recommended Magento 2 security Practices will help you a lot to handle Magento security matters. However, ever-evolving security can never guarantee 100% and the need for a constant expert eye always required. At this point, magePoint can fill this gap between you and your site security.

How to Optimize Conversion Rate & Boost Sales Instantly in Magento 2 store?

How convincing an online store for visitors, define how high you will hit the conversion rate mark. Yes, Magento already has many things in the pocket to serve the best. But if you’re performing the same old-days conversion rate optimizing strategy, you’re only destroying it.

As it’s not an immense amount of visitors that always matter, but potential customers willing to purchase, are responsible for your conversion boost.

To make it clear, let’s discuss short insights of Conversion Rate Optimization.

Short Conversion rate Optimization Insights-

To get a continued accelerating conversion rate, it’s crucial to well-optimize it. And the systemic process of increasing the percentage of website visitors is known as a Conversion Rate Optimization.

In this process, marketers estimate customers’ movements on the online store and also how they can improve site performance. This process aims to collect more and more conversion from site pages and customers touchpoints.

And to lead it successfully, you must have to add the following ingredients on the site.

Also, read: Top tips to boost the Magento 2 store conversion rate.

Conversion Hyping Ingredients-

Web design- Appealing, navigational, visually hierarchical, fast loadable and on-the-mark content is the formula of ideal web sites. And most of these things count on designing your website.

Make search easy- Most of the time, a site visitor leaves the site, not because of price, but not serving something they are seeking.

Navigation- Make sure your site visitor can easily travel from one page or product to another. It should be responsive, logo link back to the home page, user-friendly language etc.

Product description- The product description is the marketing copy of your product, that define its value and proposition for potential customers. Imagine the good old days, when offline sellers explain products such as quality, price, speciality etc.

But today, in this digital era, all that you have to explain in a product description. So make sure you have explained everything in the product description, as it can make or break a sale.

Quality image- Product images are all that customers can see in your product. Yes! You try out to explain via words, but visuals are visuals. So make sure the product images you are using, have all in the shape of quality, attraction, size, shape, staff and type.

Video- Today, marketers try to serve emotion, sensation, real-feel of product all in the marketing plate. And the video is the best way to shape that all. Videos visually explain your products and give them an entire explore and product view.

Site speed- Site speed can be both an opportunity and disadvantage to collect visitors as prospect or lost-visitor, respectively. After clicking your site-link among all search engine results, if you don’t roll up within 3 seconds, visitors would not take a more one to switch to another site.

So ensure your site is performing well when it comes to site speed.

Mobile friendly- More than 50% of traffic comes from mobile devices. And if your site is not mobile-friendly, unfortunately, you’re missing that massive amount of traffic.

However, when it comes to Magento 2, the interface is touchscreen friendly. Plus, it is tables and mobile screen friendly, which means the Magento side means right side.

Easy checkout- Most of the time customers leave checkout midway because of the complicated procedure. So make sure you’ve optimized it well. And for that, you have to keep some points in mind, such as don’t ask for much information.

Also, to make easy product customization and user-friendly error validation, don’t forget to add multiple payment options. By this, users can make payments accordingly. And including these points to your site, you can boost the sale & conversion rate in the Magento store.

Optimize Conversion Rate & Boost Magento 2 Store Sale!

To optimize the conversion rate, you must have the best duo of Magento and professional Magento developers. After all, only an expert knows the right strategy to boost sales instantly.

Moreover, at magePoint, we have Masters of Magento 2 Development Services, who knows how to optimize the conversion rate with the best possible results.

Magento 2 Commerce

Scaled Up your Business with Magento 2 Commerce

Thinking of moving onto the Magneto premium version or Magento 2 Commerce? Well, that’s a great sign of growing business!

Likewise, you are browsing here, so definitely you have some of the doubts to clear.

Well! Yes, the community edition is a perfect choice for small business but still if it’s not enough to handle the immense demand of your growing business? Go for Magento 2 Commerce, the best deal to serve the big enterprises.

Previously known as a Magento Enterprise Edition (EE), it is mostly used by the large eCommerce stores that are looking for more advanced features and customization options.

Understanding Magento 2 Commerce-

The Magento product is a premium/paid version of Magento and designed as a one-step up solution for users. This Magento solution has a Magento team in the backend and could be supported via phone or email.

This paid version serves exclusive product enhancement, security updates and a massive list of features that make a mark. It offers an on-premises solution or the used as a hosted solution like PaaS (Platform-as-a-Service). Also known as Magento Commerce Cloud, this Magento product is worthwhile.

Cost- $22,000/year to 125,000/year, as you pay for the advanced added features.

Also, read- How to Boost Conversion Rate of Magento 2 eCommerce store?

Magento 2 Commerce Possibilities-

Magento has performed a large number of positive changes in these last few years. And with less complex and merchants friendly functionality, it is leading the race from other popular eCommerce platforms. In such wise, it has gone beyond BigCommerce and Shopify.

Other than this, if you include commerce tools, elastic paths and a Salesforce Commerce Cloud, it can serve far more than you can demand.

Some other matterful advantages-

  1. Cost- Yes, you have to play for Magento commerce (enterprises). However, the Magneto community is free as compared to the paid ones, where you have to pay $22,000 or more than that. Also, you have to pay for additional implementation.
  2. Functionality- Magento core offers all advanced features that one could ask. From targeted offering with advanced segments to minimum advertised price, there are many other supports you should know.

    Magento 2 Commerce return management authorization and can serve promotion and price permission with it. It has content margin, customer attribute and ability of ad SOLR search. Also, it offers content management system, call centre software and features to a rollback of content.
  3. Security- Magento enterprises solve the biggest problem users face with the Magento community, which is “security on payments”. The free version does not serve any PCL complaints. However, enterprises have a power-packed security version called PA-DSS.
    After all, in the way of being a full-fledged online business for the future, you do not want to ignore the security matters.
  4. Page builder- The functionality is only present in Magento 2 Commerce planes to help merchants for managing content and tempest.
    As the features originate from Magento’s acquisition of BlueFoot CMS, it allows users to drag-and-drop pages & content. Ultimately, this uncovers the route towards the ease of customer experience.
  5. Performance- Yes, Magento open source has many options available to help you to improve performance. However, in the case of the long run, most professionals will suggest you The enterprise.
    When it comes to eCommerce stores, if it has functionality available for wholesalers and comprehensive B2B owners, it is worth spending.
  6. Visual merchandising- It’s pretty easy to add visualization when it comes to Magento 2 Commerce. The trendy and effective feature makes Magento one step up from other competitive platforms.
    Although, advance marketing, abandoned cart emails, customer segmentation, gift registry, and some of the smart merchandising. Moreover, rewards points and private sales are some of the other features that are stepping business towards AI-originated eCommerce.

Need professionals to make this big decision?

We explain all Magento 2 Commerce knowledge and functionalities in the best way possible. However, if you are looking for expert advice and Magento 2 professionals support. We loves to hear from you!
For over 5 years magePoint has worked on many Magento online stores and tirelessly levelled up the business into brands
Looking the same for you? Contact us today!

Microsoft Azure – Another Infrastructure Option for Magento Commerce Cloud Deployments

Popularly known as Azure, is a cloud computing service of Microsoft. And helps to build, test, manage and deploy the apps and services with help of Microsoft data management centres.

And if you wonder why a Magento services provider firm is talking about Microsoft Azure? Then you need to be aware of some news of Magento Commerce Cloud deployment, such as:

  • From May 12th 2020, Magento Commerce users now can use Azure as an infrastructure option for their cloud deployments.
  • With the addition of this, now Magento Commerce Cloud can be hosted on either AWS or Microsoft Azure.

Yeah! So we were talking about Microsoft Azure.

Everything you should know about Azure-

This cloud platform has over 200 products & cloud services that are specially designed to solve present issues and bring future solutions.

Moreover, now it’s a new Magento Platinum Hosting Partner that offers a complete platform for merchants. With the help of this cloud platform, they can get everything with this single solution. The flexible and open platform supports every framework, tool, language and operating system. For more to know about the platform, roll down.

In this part of the article, we will go through all you need to know about Azure such as its features, providings, locations and much more.

What does Azure provide?

From SaaS (Software as a Service) to PaaS (Platform as a Service) and IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service), Azure provides all services with seamless experiences.

Top of this, it supports many other tools, frameworks, programming languages, Microsoft-specific and third-party software & systems. Other than that, it works identically to AWS (Amazon Web Service), so when it comes to Performance, Features, Scalability, Architecture they both work the same.

Top Features-

  • Security
  • Scalability
  • Customization
  • Rapid development
  • Highly cost-effective
  • Continuous deployment


  • 5 times less expensive than AWS
  • Expand your organization’s existing knowledge
  • Save on existing license with free standard security updates
  • 30+ years of experience in serving enterprises customers
  • 68,000+ partners
  • More global regions (60) than any other cloud provider
  • Flexible in terms of language, app, and tool
  • Helpful for both local and global customers
  • Provide solutions for all manufacturing to retailers, government, finances, healthcare etc
  • Deeper insight into data

What new Azure brings to Magento commerce hosting?

The new Magento platinum hosting partner offers everything a merchant needs from a single cloud solution. While expanding its global potential, Microsoft Azure add many other capabilities to Magento Commerce hosting, such as:

  • Strengthen Magento’s Multi-cloud capability
  • Enhance global presence via more regional availability
  • Supports only commercial segment deals
  • Empowers your store
  • Expand companies global cloud hosting solution for brands and retailers
magento 2 Extensions

Give Boost your store with our best Magento 2 Extensions

Searching for the best Magento 2 extensions? The more you will search the more you get confused. Everyone is here to sell their products. And as a time server Magento website development company, we like to make it easy for you.

We understand it’s not only important for owners but developers, to have the finest in the bucket. And if you choose the most desirable extensions, it will make work easy for us too.

Now if you successfully migrated from Magento 1 to Magento 2, it’s time to collect the extensions now. But if you are not migrated yet, we recommend you do it ASAP.

Also Read: How to migrate from Magento 1 to Magento 2?

Let’s come back to the Magento 2 extension now, and know how to choose the best of them.

How to choose the most desirable M 2 extensions?

  • Check for all things & stars-

There are many things to see rather than just stars. The most crucial one you should check for reviews. Read them carefully and then make any decision for your business. Also, don’t forget to take expert opinion and professional tips. Assure you don’t download any random plugin or extension, as it can lead you towards security issues.

  • Money counts-

If you ask for the free versions of the Magento 2 extension, we say there are many. But when it comes to choosing between free or paid, we won’t let you ride on the wrong side.

Free extensions can never grow you the way a paid one can. While you buy a paid version it’s kind of an investment that will make you count the success.

  • Rapid customer support-

To tackle the adverse time, it’s important you choose an extension with rapid customer support. So make sure the extension you are paying for has an expert side team to pull you up in times of downs.

  • Regular update-

For a growing business, it’s important you keep moving with trends. And for that, your Magento site and extension need to be updated.

We understand it’s difficult to choose the best according to your business needs, and that’s why we have created the best for you.

Our finest Magento 2 extensions-

We analyze the current needs of eCommerce customers and developed these M2 extensions to uplift online stores.

Magento 2 order share and details-

This M 2 extension of magePoint allows your users to customize the order success page. With this, you can control the order-related information visibility that shows on the success page once customer checkout. Also, with its order sharing feature, users can manage order sharing via social networks.

Magento 2 delete orders- To delete unwanted data such as invoices, orders, shipments & credit memos, Delete Order Extension is the best solution. The extension makes it done for multiple fields at the same time. With its handy features, it is so easy now to clear the unwanted data from the backend.

Magento 2 Indian GST extension

This Magento 2 extension is specially designed to ease GST-related rules and regulations of the Indian government. Now you can generate GST splits such as IGST, CGST, SGST in various formats. Also, including orders, PDFs, invoices & reports make work flawlessly.

Other than that, when it comes to eCommerce transactions across various categories and products it is perfect to use. It can help you to set GST with various tax slabs on online stores can be easily done.

Magento Pincode and code delivery checker extension

This Magento extension works to help website users to check for shipping availability and COD in that particular area. And all this is done in an automated system. Also, it can restrict the payment methods for checkout pages and update block title/heading. It can also work with any third party one-page checkout extension and many more.

M2 auto account creation while guest check out the extension

When you don’t need any registration and password requirements, buyers can rapidly fill in or finish checkout in only one step. This Magento2 extension is one of the most effective and unique solutions for online stores. It takes care of the goal conversion rate and boosts the shopping experience on another level. Also, it automatically creates a customer account as a guest in the store.

Magento 2 quick mini cart extension

This Magento extension is designed for a good shopping experience for potential customers. With this, the customers can display the cart summary in the form of a pop-up, which automatically helps customers to continue shopping with ease. Its mini cart button stays fixed facilitating and provides easy access on pages, discount coupons, cart summary, etc. Also, customers can customize their needs by enabling or disabling the features.

Collect the best for your Magento site!

At magePoint, we have the best of the range of Magento 2 extensions for you. which have the potential to make work easy for you and your customers. What you have to do is visit magePoint product page and choose accordingly after understanding the features.

Here is the way to our Magento 2 extension store

Magento AWS hosting

Enhanced your store performance with Magento AWS hosting

To create a potent eCommerce store, Magento hosting is trusted by thousands of retailers & businesses. The fast, fully-featured, and scalable platform, Magneto is one the most secure one to rely upon. And when it comes to running it on a comprehensive cloud hosting, AWS (Amazon web services) is what makes it complete. The powerful duo is known as Magento AWS hosting.

Magneto is a perfect software to build an eCommerce store. However, to get the best, only having the perfect software is not a solution. An optimized hosting like Amazon Web Hosting provides its utmost. It has the best infrastructure to host, which offers a complete, secure and flexible cloud computing to millions of active customers. Especially if you’re an online store merchant, AWS is what is necessary for growing well.

Why use Amazon web hosting rather than others?

  • Using shared hosting in place AWS for eCommerce stores can lead you towards low reliability and performance.
  • A protective and smart website both possible if you have a Magento store on Amazon web hosting.
  • AWS offers a scalable, secured and optimized platform, which is not possible with another hosting.
  • It serves a reliable deal of cost-effectiveness, flexibility and many more.
  • AWS is the most trustable when it hosts an eCommerce store as it’s also hosting Worlds’ Number One eCommerce Store- AMAZON.

How Magento AWS hosting enhances eCommerce performance?

  • Magento AWS hosting fulfils the demand for space, power, and memory of growing Magento stores. And with the help of AWS, you are just a click away to change the type of instance business goals and handle Gangetic traffic load.
  • Magento AWS hosting, don’t let you wait for 48 to 96 hours, as old-age hosters, as it offers everything instantly.
  • AWS hosting offers the depending cost of usages, so you only pay for the part of required storage.
  • Amazon’s services serve all types of security measures such as architected, unauthorized preventions, storage safety.

Ways to set up Magento on AWS-

  1. Download a Magento stack from the marketplace
  2. Launch EC2 instance on AWS with further adjustment
  3. Set up Magento on AWS using the full cloud capacities extent

Easy way to install Magento on AWS-

The easiest and simple path to set up Magento on AWS server is “by managing Magento hosting”. But the question arises how would you manage that, well explaining them here will only end up like a technical book chapter.

So, we only suggest you look for someone to manage your server security and faster optimization performance. Roll down and know-how we can help?

Why choose magePoint as the Magento AWS hosting service?

Magento AWS hosting, Magento 2 AWS hosting, Magento cloud hosting, Secure AWS cloud computing, and speed optimization, magePoint serves them all. Additionally, you will get the following advantages too. fast page loads- Magento AWS hosting is a perfect platform to get a good to go online store. However, if you have professionals on your side, you can get the 2-second page load speed for desirable results. And at magePoint, we help businesses to grow faster with the fast speed of the site.

2.Support- Tech support comes as the bonus advantage of having AWS hosting services by magePoint. We offer seamless, round the clock technical support to our clients and is available 24×7 with Live Chat and Ticketing systems.

3.One-click operations- With the help of magePoint, you can conveniently manage your cloud servers and apps. We will help you to carry out multiple tasks with just a few clicks, making the deployment process considerably easy and rapidly.

4.Security- Being a time-severed hosting platform, magePoint serves unmatched security measures to your online store. We follow various security approaches such as regular security updates, fully-integrated certificate authorities.

Choose us and get an enhanced performer site!

When we have peeled up all the features and benefits of Magento and AWS hosting duo, it’s high time for an eCommerce owner to choose AWS for Magento site. And enjoy its bucketful of benefits.

At magePoint, we have been serving these benefits with technical support to our clients for more than six years. And if you are also looking for a trustful Magento AWS hosting service partner, we are a click/call away, request a quote now!

Top 10 Effective Magento 2 SEO Tips T

Top 10 Effective Magento 2 SEO Tips To Boost Visibility Of Your Online Store

Have Magento 2 as a site-builder? Great start!

Does it have enough SEO boosting functions for online visibility? Pretty well!

But in this emerging market of online purchase, where more than 1.8 million people were globally purchasing online in 2018. Being an online Magento store owner, you might also urge for a wider presence, right?

If yes? Note down the following Magento 2 SEO tips and boost the visibility of your eCommerce store. But before that, read some highlighted points and know how it’s beneficial.

Advantages of online store visibility-

  • Help to find potential customer
  • Expend new market
  • Cost-effective way to improve the bottom line
  • Proper SEO implantation
  • Long-lasting effects
  • Easy and effective brand awareness
  • Boost marketing efficiency

Top 10 Effective Magento 2 SEO tips-

  1. Set up Google search console & analytics- First and foremost thing you should do is, set up your Google search console and & analytics. No, it’s not only about indexing fast but far more than that. Whether Google search console will help to track sites performance and errors, analytics will help you with site traffic.
  2. Add blog section- Apart from product pages if you want to expand your keywords strategy, try blogs. It is the most non-technical and effective one. However, Magento 2 has many other features to make it search engine friendly.

    But one of the research on eCommerce websites shows that the chances of indexing increase 434% when you have blogs on your site.

  3. Avoid plagiarism- Duplicacy does not only affect your SEO but site reputation too. Think from the visitor’s, what if you search for something very crucial and find the same thing again and again with different URLs.

    What if the intent is the same? Is this what you’re confused on? Use a canonical tag. It enables you to tell Google, which one is the main URL. In the case of eCommerce, where there are many same products in various categories, these tags are highly valuable.

  4. Mobile-friendliness – You have won half of the battle while you choose Magneto 2. It is the best from a customization perspective but to become the ideal of future mCommerce, you need to add some more on it.
    • Use mobile responsive Magento themes
    • Use Magento mobile extension
    • Update Magneto as it is mobile responsive
    • This is the reason we above-mentioned that you won half of the battle.

    Know More On Why Choose Magento 2 for Mobile Commerce.

  5. Boost Magento 2 store speed- This factor alone can destroy your entire SEO efforts within seconds. Even the best-optimized website fails when it does not open on time.

    Install javascript extension as JS code. It automatically moves to the bottom of the page and speeds up loading and increases speed score. Also, it optimizes the JS bundle, minimizes its size and reduces loading time.

  6. This is the reason we above-mentioned that you won half of the battle.

    Know More On Why Choose Magento 2 Store Speed Boost

  7. Review and rating with rich snippets- Include rich snippets with rating, and see how effectively it works. The more information shown on SERPs( Search Engine Ranking Page), the more it increases the chances of CTR( Click Through Rate). To do so, Magento has many third-party extensions available.
  8. Optimize product image- Most of the retailers fail to leverage the product images, as they don’t know how to optimize. However, image additions are important for eCommerce but slow the site speed. So it will be better if you reduce the size up to 100 KB.
  9. For more promising results, use rich media content such as video content as Google and customers both like it more than any flat one.

  10. Optimized Magento 2 URL structure- A short and relevant URL is the first way to optimize URL. Make sure your page URL doesn’t have any irrelevant part, and you add page intent.
    There is no rock-solid formula for it, but we have some expert tips for you.
  11. Tips:

    • Use less dynamic URL strings
    • Use more descriptive keywords
    • Use Static URLs (stay away from “?” “&,” and “=”)
    • Use hyphens (-) instead of underscores (_)
    • Stick to lowercase letters
  12. Secure website with SSL certification- No doubt, Magento is quite a secure platform, but in this high-tech world, it’s better to be more alert. An SSL certification is the most primary and necessary thing to do so.
  13. When you move to HTTPS, don’t forget to track your migration thoroughly in Google Search Console and Analytics.

  14. Easy navigation- Every website should be easy to handle, and when it comes to eCommerce websites, it becomes a critical part to make it easy to navigate.
  15. Make sure when you work on navigation, you carefully design the filters as search engine bots can waste your bandwidth while crawling in and out of them.

    Hire Magento 2 SEO experts!

On a final point, when you have all expert Magento 2 SEO tips to boost online store visibility, we have one last question for you. Will these tips be sustained for always? The painful answer is No! So we suggest you Hire Magento 2 SEO Experts, to update the SEO strategies without a break.