Top 10 Effective Magento 2 SEO Tips T

Top 10 Effective Magento 2 SEO Tips To Boost Visibility Of Your Online Store

Have Magento 2 as a site-builder? Great start!

Does it have enough SEO boosting functions for online visibility? Pretty well!

But in this emerging market of online purchase, where more than 1.8 million people were globally purchasing online in 2018. Being an online Magento store owner, you might also urge for a wider presence, right?

If yes? Note down the following Magento 2 SEO tips and boost the visibility of your eCommerce store. But before that, read some highlighted points and know how it’s beneficial.

Advantages of online store visibility-

  • Help to find potential customer
  • Expend new market
  • Cost-effective way to improve the bottom line
  • Proper SEO implantation
  • Long-lasting effects
  • Easy and effective brand awareness
  • Boost marketing efficiency

Top 10 Effective Magento 2 SEO tips-

  1. Set up Google search console & analytics- First and foremost thing you should do is, set up your Google search console and & analytics. No, it’s not only about indexing fast but far more than that. Whether Google search console will help to track sites performance and errors, analytics will help you with site traffic.
  2. Add blog section- Apart from product pages if you want to expand your keywords strategy, try blogs. It is the most non-technical and effective one. However, Magento 2 has many other features to make it search engine friendly.

    But one of the research on eCommerce websites shows that the chances of indexing increase 434% when you have blogs on your site.

  3. Avoid plagiarism- Duplicacy does not only affect your SEO but site reputation too. Think from the visitor’s, what if you search for something very crucial and find the same thing again and again with different URLs.

    What if the intent is the same? Is this what you’re confused on? Use a canonical tag. It enables you to tell Google, which one is the main URL. In the case of eCommerce, where there are many same products in various categories, these tags are highly valuable.

  4. Mobile-friendliness – You have won half of the battle while you choose Magneto 2. It is the best from a customization perspective but to become the ideal of future mCommerce, you need to add some more on it.
    • Use mobile responsive Magento themes
    • Use Magento mobile extension
    • Update Magneto as it is mobile responsive
    • This is the reason we above-mentioned that you won half of the battle.

    Know More On Why Choose Magento 2 for Mobile Commerce.

  5. Boost Magento 2 store speed- This factor alone can destroy your entire SEO efforts within seconds. Even the best-optimized website fails when it does not open on time.

    Install javascript extension as JS code. It automatically moves to the bottom of the page and speeds up loading and increases speed score. Also, it optimizes the JS bundle, minimizes its size and reduces loading time.

  6. This is the reason we above-mentioned that you won half of the battle.

    Know More On Why Choose Magento 2 Store Speed Boost

  7. Review and rating with rich snippets- Include rich snippets with rating, and see how effectively it works. The more information shown on SERPs( Search Engine Ranking Page), the more it increases the chances of CTR( Click Through Rate). To do so, Magento has many third-party extensions available.
  8. Optimize product image- Most of the retailers fail to leverage the product images, as they don’t know how to optimize. However, image additions are important for eCommerce but slow the site speed. So it will be better if you reduce the size up to 100 KB.
  9. For more promising results, use rich media content such as video content as Google and customers both like it more than any flat one.

  10. Optimized Magento 2 URL structure- A short and relevant URL is the first way to optimize URL. Make sure your page URL doesn’t have any irrelevant part, and you add page intent.
    There is no rock-solid formula for it, but we have some expert tips for you.
  11. Tips:

    • Use less dynamic URL strings
    • Use more descriptive keywords
    • Use Static URLs (stay away from “?” “&,” and “=”)
    • Use hyphens (-) instead of underscores (_)
    • Stick to lowercase letters
  12. Secure website with SSL certification- No doubt, Magento is quite a secure platform, but in this high-tech world, it’s better to be more alert. An SSL certification is the most primary and necessary thing to do so.
  13. When you move to HTTPS, don’t forget to track your migration thoroughly in Google Search Console and Analytics.

  14. Easy navigation- Every website should be easy to handle, and when it comes to eCommerce websites, it becomes a critical part to make it easy to navigate.
  15. Make sure when you work on navigation, you carefully design the filters as search engine bots can waste your bandwidth while crawling in and out of them.

    Hire Magento 2 SEO experts!

On a final point, when you have all expert Magento 2 SEO tips to boost online store visibility, we have one last question for you. Will these tips be sustained for always? The painful answer is No! So we suggest you Hire Magento 2 SEO Experts, to update the SEO strategies without a break.

Magento 2 SEO Tips

Top Tips to Boost The Conversion Rate of a Magento 2 eCommerce Store

No doubt, Magento 2 is one of the powerful platforms, to get a good conversion from e-commerce stores. But as some tips & tricks can be helpful to deliver more prominent, Magento 2 needs them too. As a savvy Magento Development Company, we serve the best possible to our clients and want you to obtain the best.

The latest survey on conversion rate reports- its only 2.35% for most of the typical business and the top one get almost 10% from their FB Ads. However, other states that only 22% of them are satisfied with their conversion rates.

Yes, Magento is known for its stunning features, but an expert tip can make it fly high. In this article, we will take you deep into the latest Magento 2 conversion booster tips, and fine-lined only useful details, so stay connected and keep rolling.

Top tips to boost Magento 2 e-commerce

1. Improve product description- It is the first interaction between your product and the customer. It helps them to experience the product through your words. They analyze if the product can fulfil their requirements or not.

When a potential customer lands on your site, the mentioned product features lead them in two ways. First, if they find targeting keywords that they are looking for, they directly lead to buy. And if they have a YES/No mind, features attract them to buy it.

2. Enable review and rating- According to a local review survey, 85% of shoppers trust online reviews. And why don’t they? In a scenario, when they can’t see & feel products physically, trusting someone who purchased already, is evident.

Magento 2 is packed with some mind-blowing reviews showcasing plugins to make it easy for your customers to see reviews and make decisions.

3. Enhance CTA button quality- “Call To Action” buttons are incoming doors to lead visitors to the action from the landing page. When visitors like your product or content, they think to move further, but what if he/she does not find the door to action.

In such cases, CTA buttons work like an incoming door to them. Whereas in Magento 2 you can make a variety of attractive CTA buttons that visitors like to click.

4. Improve site navigation- Magento 2 has the latest admin panel. It has a smooth design and easy navigation which at last smoothen the process for admin to users too.

However, it’s not always matters of designers and admins but customers too. Site navigation shows easy-going & engaging users. If a customer finds it efficient to move, then he moves to the final process.

5. Ignore complicated checkout process- Average shoppers leave the product before buying because of the complicated checkout process. When you add check out to your site, take some tips with you such as:

  • Add multiple checkout button
  • Provide a secure checkout process
  • Remove complications from fields such as numbers
  • Offer guest checkout option
  • Mobile-friendly checkout

Thanks to Magento 2, it has removed some steps from its check process. And fulfil all given golden rules. For example, the system fills out your credit card type and saves your time.

6. Optimise website for mobile devices- More than 2 billion shoppers make purchases from mobile devices in 2019. And no one can deny that 2020 is not revolution time for digitalization. If your website is well optimized for mobile devices, then only you can lead the boosting conversion rate race.

The latest internal API is best for creating and managing mobile apps. It also offers interaction with Google Universal Analytics, which helps in data collection and monitoring.

7. Categorize pages with filters- Filter helps to navigate visitors better and directs them towards the right products. From thousands of products and products categories, filter select as per customer needs is a direct way to personalization.

M2 Filters are great for organising your page results, to look at a specific subset of products or orders. This data can be analysed and monitored to keep track of customer behaviour in-store.

8. Ensure quick page load- Everyone is well-aware with the 3-second rule. A quick loading page is crucial in this fast running competitive market. If your website does not load with a click, there is not less option available. No matter how good you work on website designs, content, or anything else, if it does not load at the time, it’s good for nothing.

However, with Magneto 2, they have many stored features to boost the website.

9. Optimized price slider- Price can make visitors stay or leave your site. But if you have an optimized price slider, they can shop with their budgets. This kind of comfort provides them with a more personalization experience. Plus the easy-to-use price slider does it with ease.

Magento price sliders make it time-consuming for shoppers to compare prices and shop accordingly.

10. Personalizations matter- To target customers with the help of personal data, called personalization. If you want your customer to feel more connected, it is the best way to do it.

Here are some points you have to focus on:

  • Present purchase history
  • Smart emails
  • Use locations for specific content creation
  • Hyper- relevant visuals
  • Show own data-informed homepage

Closing Thoughts!

Magento is one of the best e-commerce platforms to drive conversion. But the implementation of these tips can boost your Magento store on the other levels. What you have to do is perform them correctly. However, if you want expert work with faster results, Hire Magento Developers with world-class expertise. After all, a high conversion rate is indicative of successful marketing and web design.

Magento 2 extension

Must have Magento 2 extensions for your new eCommerce store

Extensions! Why should I use them? A Magento 2 website owner with these questions; is quite acceptable. After buying a power-packed and ready-to-use Magento platform, the need for extensions sounds confusing. Why would a full-fledged platform require extensions? As a proficient Magento Development Company, we can explain.

A quarter-million of e-commerce websites rely upon Magento. However, there are several confusions about extensions. It is because; each extension can make a lot of various impacts. And not choosing the right one for the right purpose can restrict their way of effortless serving.

To know both the requirements and the importance of Magento extensions, keep moving, start with short learning of extensions.

Quick insight on extension-

A small software program that can customize the browsing experience is known as extension. It enables users to tailor Chrome functionality and behaviour to individual needs or preferences. Extensions built on, web technologies such as HTML, JavaScript, and CSS.

If you’re a business owner and looking to buy Magento 2 extensions for your e-commerce store, we have put together some guidelines for you, take a look.

How to choose the best e-commerce Magento extensions?

1. Check compatibility

Not every extension is compatible with your store, so check wisely. You can also check for offered themes, banners and categories. It will help you to know whether they work with your store or not.

Check the extension versions you have used before. Know their types, before integrating a new one. It’s because if it is not compatible, you might not be able to integrate it well. Moreover, your website may break down.

2. Confirm developer authenticity

Developing Magento Extensions is not a child’s play. It goes through many stages while developing. It includes analysis, design, testing and implementation.

An extension development website can give you a fair idea on extension quality. You can also write to developers about the queries and get your doubts clear.

3. Go through reviews & testimonials

Product reviews can help a lot. It gives you an idea as to whether you should invest in the extension or not. If you have decided to buy from a particular firm, you can also ask for a list of clientele. And speak to them personally about their experiences of using the product.

You can also check the testimonials on the Magento Connect marketplace where you can get genuine reviews. Additionally, check for the popularity score, and judge better.

4. Customer support

There are times when you bought an extension, and it doesn’t work as it should be. It can because of many reasons, such as due to a bug. Rember, this can affect your sales to a great extent. During such times, what you need the most is fast and reliable support. So make sure you buy from them who provide quick and reliable support.

5. Return on investment

As the name suggests, it must extend the store functionality. And also benefit you and your customers. If you are investing in a particular extension, ask yourself questions like “Will the extension feature benefit my business?” “Will it boost sales?” If yes you can go for buying it.

Top Magento extensions

Magento Payment Gateway Extensions

These extensions can simplify the complex check out processes. Every user wants a short, efficient and secure payment process.

Check out the following Magento payment gateway extensions to fulfil all your requirements.

  • One Step Check Checkout by Amsaty
  • Sage Pay Integration by Magenest
  • Check out Suite by IWD
  • Magento Shipping Extensions

Shipping can be a brutal process without the right shipping extension. Picking, packing, delivery date and managing shipping at a time can put one on stress.

Here we are mentioning top Magento shipping extensions to make it easy.

  • Advance Shipping by Magento Marketplace
  • Delivery Date scheduler by Appjetty
  • Order Management by IWD
  • Magento SEO Extensions

SEO not only plays a crucial role in ranking blogging sites but is equally important for e-commerce site rankings. Adding Magento SEO extension to Magento site makes it easy to rank in SERPs. Note the names of top Magento SEO extensions.

  • SEO Tool Kit by Amsaty
  • SEO Suite Ultimate by Mageworx
  • Snippet Generator by Apptrian
  • Magento security Extensions

Security loops can ruin site reputation and strike a huge economical loss. It’s not only harmful to you, but it can also affect your customers account details. However, Magneto is one of the most secure platforms yet having a backup in the shape of Magento security extension is a smart decision, Check them below.

  • Security by Mageplaza
  • Two Factor Authentication by Xtento
  • Easy Site Maintenance by Appjetty

Amazing updated Magento features fit each eCommerce website needs. And the advanced Magento extensions help businesses to grow more efficiently. But, at the same time, you have to make the best use of this platform. Know about each extension and then put them to use wisely. Hire our Magento developer today and maintain the standards.

Magento 2 Multi vendor marketplace

Benefits of Multi-vendor Store with Magento 2 Marketplace Extensions

Have this dream to build your own Amazon, eBay, and Alibaba? Marketplace extensions can convert it in reality. Yes! Extension plays a vital role. The extension(s) can convert a simple eCommerce into a multi-vendor store. Furthermore, if you choose Magento 2 as a platform, then you have more power in hand. Magento 2 marketplace extensions will boost the shopping experience and help you to create a full-fledged marketplace with ease.

Magento 2 has stored so much for multi-vendor store owners. To know what it is, let’s dive deep in the further article, but before anything else, for those who don’t know- What multi-vendor store is, let’s uncover the explanation.

What is a multi-vendor store?

As you have read some popular names beforehand: Amazon, Alibaba, eBay, Etsy. These are some immensely popular examples of successfully running multi-vendor stores. In these stores, multiple sellers can sell their products in one platform.

Why choose Magento 2 to build a Multi-vendor store?

Between multiple reasons to choose Magento 2 as a marketplace platform, we have highlighted some important one.


  • Magento offers you the opportunity to invite different vendors to sell their products, as the marketplace receives more traffic than traditional e-commerce websites.
  • Mangeot 2 has an impressive customer database, which is ideal for developing and fine-tuning marketing strategy for your business.
  • Magento Marketplace website owners revolve around receiving commissions on the products that the vendors sell on your multi-vendor store using Magento 2 marketplace extension(s).
  • Magneto 2 increases profit exponentially as the number of vendors and products increases, and vendors also benefit from joining your Magento 2 marketplace.
  • Magento 2 leverages traffic to reach more customers which is an excellent opportunity for small stores and vendors with little budget for marketing and customer outreach.
  • Magento 2 offers more than 50 payment gateways, so the customers feel more convenient when it comes to payment.
  • Now when we have convinced enough of why you should choose Magento 2 as a multi-vendor store platform. Let’s discuss the top Magento 2 marketplace extension.

Top Magento 2 Marketplace extension-

Take a note on the jaw-dropping features of Magento 2 marketplace extensions and choose the right one for your prospect.

  • Marketplace platinum package by CED Commerce-

This marketplace extension has some mind-blowing features, which makes it one of the finest. From a dedicated dashboard to view sales reports, it has so much stored for users. The extension, vendors can manage their product orders, create invoices, and shipments.

For advanced product creation such as configuration, grouped and bundled products options are available in this extension. Another feature of this extension benefits both vendors and admin, as vendors can pay to get profit and admins can impose extra commission.

  • Magento 2 marketplace extension by LandOfCoder-

It’s one of the fastest and manageable Magento marketplace extensions. The extension is smoothly responsive and compatible with major devices and provides a better response. It allows automation, thus creating opportunities for owners to create a marketplace like Amazon. Another side the seller can take full charge of product sales, invoice and shipment via Cpanel.

While using this extension, you don’t have to worry about themes and gateways, as it supports almost every Magento theme and 10+ popular gateways. Other than that, the extension has an advanced report option, where it generates reports in chart form. And you can check for sales, most viewed products, best sellers, last order etc.

  • Magento 2 marketplace multi-vendor module Webkul-

Inventory management, shipment, separate seller profile are some of the highlighted features of this marketplace extension. It’s one of the top seller Magento extensions of 2019.

With this extension, you can add multiple products according to a choice like simple configuration, virtual & downloadable. Furthermore, it is well compatible with Magento 2 themes, templates and web designs.

As the extension developed with Magento 2 codebase application programming, it won’t disturb existing e-commerce stores. Apart from that, one can create several vendor stores and product stores too.

  • Magento 2 multiple vendors by Magenest-

This Magento extension is the most compatible extension to convert Magento websites into an amazing marketplace. With all essential features helps to maintain the marketplace by creating policies and mechanisms for assuring product quality and customer satisfaction.

The marketplace owner can easily maintain records of each vendor and product list. As an owner, if you deal with a variety of products to attract your customers, you don’t have to worry about the massive list of products. As if now, you have the power to review and approve vendors’ products for better maintenance and quality.


To build a marketplace without using any extension is difficult and time-consuming. However, Magento 2 marketplace extensions make the process simpler, and upper suggested top extensions are highly recommended.

Furthermore, if you want experts to work on your multi-vendor store dream, let magePoint take the responsibility. We have an expert team of Magento developers, who has years of experience in Magento marketplace development.

Magento Mobile Commerce

Why Choose Magento for Mobile Commerce?

According to a recent market survey by Statista, online purchase via mobile phones was 52% in 2019. The day-to-day emerging use of online platforms and mobile phones, it’s no longer going down in 2020 and so on. Believe us, we have given years to E-commerce Development, and know the extreme importance of mobile-friendly websites for online store owners.

Upper given statistics are enough to attract companies to invest in M-commerce. And if you are planning to enter the M-commerce market to make a remarkable position, choose a particular platform which suits you the best. You must invest in such a platform that can offer the utmost flexibility and reliability to your site.

As per our experience, Magento 2 is one of the best e-commerce platforms to get the advantages of M-commerce. In this article, we will shed light on Magento 2 features and know-how it enhances m-commerce.

Top 8 crucial reasons for you to consider Magento for Mobile Commerce

1. Greater Flexibility:

A business always looks for a flexible solution to get success within a limited time. And if you want to expand your regular online customer base, having a mobile-friendly website can make way easy. And as per our knowledge, each type of business expansion into mobile platforms, Magento 2 can easily accommodate all requirements. It is a reliable choice of millions of retailers across the globe because it’s highly scalable and flexible.

2. Cost-effective:

Though there’s no need to pay a monthly subscription and so, you can get an affordable and budget-friendly eCommerce solution for your mobile-friendly store. The best part is, there is no restriction for selling the number of products, transactions, or others. You can even manage multiple stores with Magento 2 with ease and free of cost.

3. E-commerce features:

You will be glad to know that Magento has everything that you need to launch and manage your eCommerce store. You just have to add the desired tools with the help of Magento developers, and it will generate an immense amount of website traffic. With the help of this widely popular CMS, you can build a strong brand identity for your business. It makes you able to deliver great, exceptional customer service to your clients as well.

4. Secure and reliable:

To offer customers a completely secure and reliable solution, you should need to choose Magento 2, as it protects your website from hackers. It comes with an in-built security feature, that makes it reliable. With this, the stores can accept secure payments to the websites without any hassles.

5. Enhanced M2 Admin Panel:

No one wants to manage a complicated admin panel, and Magento 2 creator sare well aware of that. That’s the reason Magento 2 comes with a handy admin panel. It enhances the process and makes it easily manageable. Apart from that, it creates a mobile-friendly website, so the user never feels any complication to get accustomed to the store as well.

6. Maximise sales with Magento 2:

Though 52% of online buyers are more likely to buy things from a fully optimized mobile-friendly eCommerce, thus it surely helps the business to increase their conversion with Magento 2. After all, More conversions lead to more sales.

7. Do everything from your mobile:

In Magneto, you can manage admin planes on your mobile phones, which is probably the most efficient manner to make work easy.

Take a look, what can perform with mobile phones now?

  • Catalogue management features
  • Marketing/promotions
  • SEO functionality
  • Order management

8. Google and SEO friendly

Magento is making your way easy to get rank on mobile phones. The platform is Google and SEO friendly, which helps you to rank on search engines. And as Magento websites are mobile-optimized, it started ranking on mobiles phones searches too.

Apart from all said reasons, Magento 2 comes packed with many other amazing features which would help you run your business efficiently on the mobile platform. When you jump start your online venture, you can expect right out-of-the-box: catalogue management, SEO functionality, Marketing or Promotion suite, Order Management and site management as well. To get more info, you need to consult with a professional Magento developer.

Magento 1 to Magento 2 migration

Magento 1 to Magento 2 Migration Best Practises

The race can not always be won by running at top speed, but switching the gear at the ideal time also matters. In business, the same rule works well. And especially if you’re an online store owner and using Magento or any other platform, using the current version is smart. After all, when you can get so much better with an updated version, why be stuck on the old one.

The online shopping world is expanding day-by-day. And Magento is one of the long-established platforms which is serving in this field for a long time. In this journey, Magento also added some new features on its platform and shifted from Magento 1 to Magento 2. This shift includes new functional advantages and some pro features to Magento. And if you are also planning to migrate from Magento 1 to Magento 2, then you’re switching the gear at the right time.

Why should you migrate from Magento 1 to Magento 2?

Magento 2 was launched, With a collection of impressive highlights. The version was catering to many breathtaking features such as:

  • Easy to use back-end UI,
  • Adaptable engineering,
  • Exceptional checkout procedures

Magento 2. should enlarge the web-based business experience for clients and administrators too.

To find out why Magento 2 is strongly preferable than Magento 1 and how it might help your business, keep reading.

The highlights of Magento 2:

1. Incorporates Present-day Innovation

Execution is one of the significant issues that shop owners experienced on Magento 1. But how Magento 2 can tackle it take a look:

  • In Magneto 2, you don’t need to introduce an outsider’s module on the server.
  • In Magento 2 the speed of the web store streets ahead as holds up the recent variants of PHP.
  • In Magento 2, there are some inbuilt apparatuses through which pictures can be improved straightforwardly on the server.
  • In Magento 2, you don’t have to perform unnecessary program’s activities as new version packaged and limited JavaScript.

2. Responsive Administrator Board

The Administrator Board of Magento 2 has made some daze enhancements. In contrast with Magento 1, it has become increasingly smart and easy to understand.

  • Magento 2, has made the Administrator Board very simple such as the data search, store the executives, and route to all pieces.
  • Magento 2, transfer the new items more simply. Alongside pictures and portrayal; you can further transfer item recordings.
  • Magento 2, additionally permits you to keep the orders and clients records, delivery and amount, and Income Assessment.

Magento 2 Advantages On Your Business-

Magento 2 can have many extreme advantages on your business, let’s discuss them below.

With Magento 2, you can work more effectively on your business.

  • Better performance- The site on Magento 2 works 20% faster than Magento 1. And it is not an unknown fact that faster speed is one of the top leading elements for sales and Search engine ranking.
  • Mobile-friendliness- The exceptionally coming traffic from mobile devices make it initial to have a mobile-friendly website. The release of PWA (Progress Web App) in Magento 2.3 version, it becomes easy to have most of the mobile device’s traffic on your site.
  • Smooth-running checkout- The Magento 2 shrink the process in 2 steps, rather than 6. The merchants can offer a faster checkout process to the returning customers by using their previous-stored payment credentials and shipping information.
  • Finer Admin interface- The non-technical admin interface makes it easy for admins to use it without any technical knowledge. Which means you can find the tools and list the products with ease.

Considerable things before migrating to Magento 2-

  • Manage your data, filter it, and remove the outdated ones.
  • Cearfulling review your website so you can address the potential bugs. After a complete review, you can create a specific requirement for developers.
  • Replicate the site, as there are always some chances of data loss in the migration process.
  • Freeze admin activities, if you don’t want to lose the database or want a clear migration without a patch.
  • Finalize the migration blueprint first so you can perform the whole process according to it.

The step should be followed for Magento 1 to Magento 2 migration-

  • Theme migrationThere are no such standard tools you have to use for theme migration. In Magento, You can simply buy themes by Magento marketplace or develop a customized theme.
  • Extension migration- You should check if the Magento 1 extensions are compatible with Magento 2. Most of the time, they do not work with new versions, so you have to build new plugins for Magento. You can also fix bugs and issues in the existing plugins.
  • Website customization from code migrationWith the help of code migration tools, the amount of code migration reduces drastically. However, you have to manually edit and test the code after using tools.
  • Data migrationThe most crucial part has been divided into the following steps, Check them out.
  • Step 1- Download the Magento 2, follow the setup instruction and complete the installation process.
  • Step 2- With the help of migration tools, transfer your data from old to a new platform.
  • Step 3- Feed the authorisation keys.
  • Step 4- Perform the configuration process that depends on whether you are using a community edition and enterprise edition.
  • Step 5- After the configuration process, map between Magento 1 to Magento 2.
  • Step 6- Hold on the administrative activities and prepare for the actual migration process.
  • Step 7- Migrate from Magento 1 to Magento 2 at the side of features like payment processing, shopping cart and shipping.

      The end talk!

      The online store built on Magento 2, can serve exactly what you want. So if you don’t know exactly how to migrate the website from Magento 1 to Magento 2, don’t think twice about hiring some professionals. The experienced Magneto developers will perform it flawlessly for you and help you to achieve the leading position and win the race.

Boost Magento Store With PWA

Boost Your Magento Store With Progressive Web Apps (PWA)

Are you using Magento for your e-commerce store? If yes, then you will be happy to hear that Magento is all prepared with a set of tools that will help you in building a website that behaves like an app.

Studies say more than 50% of website traffic(worldwide) is coming from mobile phones, therefore having a mobile app along with the website is remarkable. So far you need to have different apps and websites for Android and iOS mobile phones, But from now, you don’t have to do this anymore.

With the help of PWA, you can create a shortcut icon to the website on the user’s device just like an app. It is still a website but has benefits and performance of an app.

You might be wondering what PWA is, that makes everything so simple, so let’s take a quick drive to it.

Progressive Web Apps(PWA)
Progressive web apps are an upshot of software development, which is a fusion of the features of regular websites and mobile apps. This new application model merges the features of modern browsers and effective mobile apps and serves them in one system. Simply, it can be said that progressive web app is a web application offering the native app-like experience using modern web capabilities.

Advantages of Progressive Web App:

  • You can work offline Generally, mobile apps don’t work without the internet. This problem has been resolved with PWA as it is good at displaying the cache that is already accessed by users. It provides general information to users and also the time to get connected with the internet after the disconnection.

  • No need to use the app or play store You can use it directly from the home screen, which means you don’t have to go play store or app store to download it. With the help of PWA, you can ignore the long process of downloading and save your time and data.

  • Faster performance than ever PWA loads faster than native apps, you just need to contact a progressive web app development company, and they will provide you with the best. They will render you the solution just like an app, which facilitates the users with exceptional user experience and fast performance.

  • Cheaper than building native apps The responsive design gives it the ability to use it on different sized devices. And it also saves the cost of development for the different versions for Android and iOS. All this ultimately reduces the cost.

  • Similarity from a native app It will provide you with the same experience as if you were using a native app. Advantages like mobile websites with dynamic data and database access. And all this with the advance feature of progressive web app features.

  • High conversion PWA provides seamless end-to-end user experience even in the bad network connections or in offline mode. It is responsible for the successful conversion improvement for companies such as Flipkart. Flipkart Lite claims that their conversion rate increased by 70% without investing much at cost.

 How PWA can boost the Magento store experience?

  • An app like experience with online stores- The online store built with PWA can serve a terrific user experience of an app and website at the same time. You don’t have to install it on your mobile phone like a mobile app, as it is easily operable via web browsers. The professional developers can build it more efficiently so your user can be more attracted to the e-commerce website than a mobile app.
  • Fast re-engagement- As we said before, you don’t have to install it, you can simply go to the web browser and search it like a website in case of establishing re-engagement.
  • Stream-line payment- The critical positive impact of PWA on payments can’t be ignored. It allows you to integrate the payment gateways like PayPal, Braintree and other payment extensions efficiently. It is secure and also can synchronize the order and payment details, which make the transaction process more transparent.
  • Ofline browsing- PWA can store the site information, so if you are facing the slow internet issue, you don’t have to trouble with the “check your connection” problem. You can add the products to cart, which means a steady shopping experience.
  • Easily accessible- With add-to-home screen feature, you don’t always have to go to the browser to access the site. Magento PWA is easily accessible from the home screen, just like a native app.
  • Smoother browsing experience- Magento progressive web apps work more efficiently than other websites, as they do not struggle at the time of slow internet connection. In PWA, After the first visit, it can be loaded rapidly as the pre-cache part made it load instantly. So you don’t have to worry about your website’s speed with progressive web apps.
  • Secure shopping experience- The presence of Magento in PWA Magento has furnished it with a list of security features such as 2FA( Two-factor authentication) and Google reCaptcha. The HTTP and transport layer security is the guarantee of having a secure shopping experience.


In a few words Magento PWA (Progressive Web App) where one side is valuable for shoppers on the other side, it is also beneficial for shop owners. PWA has the features and ability to provide an unbeatable shopping experience to users. The access-from-browser capability and fast loading speed make it customer-friendly. No doubt if the customer is happy, then the seller is more than happy. If you are also searching for the same, Magento eCommerce Development Company is that solution provider for you.

Magento 2 Payment Gateway Extensions

Top Magento 2 Payment Gateway Extensions & it’s Features

Everyone looks for security in terms of transactions and thus connects with the appropriate payment gateways. And as an online business owner, whether new or experienced, you are aware of the importance of having a secure payment line. The payment gateways are the medium in which payments are made through credit cards, debits cards or other online payments types. The details you have shared are confidential and secure with clients, merchants and their banks that are used to make the payments.

So It won’t be wrong to say that it is a mediator between the payer and payee and you need to choose wisely, who you want to use as the middleman.

To know these payment gateways completely, let’s dive deep into the details.

What are the Payment Gateways

You can understand the payment gateways as a merchant service, who is allowing you to pay online, via credit card, debit card or any other online way of payment. In this process of payment, the extension (apps) or payment gateways become the middleman to transfer the funds from customers to eCommerce accounts.

How Does the Payment Gateways Works

  • There may be several steps involved, but all these happen in just several seconds.Customers will go to your site and click on a product that they wish to purchase. After completing their shopping, they will be directed to the checkout page to pay. After confirming the item/s, they have chosen, they will indicate the suitable form of payment.

  • After paying, the transaction will be forwarded to the payment gateway, they have chosen. Through this service, the transaction will be sent to your bank’s processor.

  •  Then the transaction will go through the card’s network, which will then send it to the bank that issued your customer’s credit card.

  • After improvement, the transaction goes through the same path that it has taken.

  •  Once the transaction is approved, it will inform your customer through your Magento site. Then the information will be sent to the merchant (you).

How you can rate a payment gateway

  • Security- As an online store owner, you need to know if all the transactions are processing fine or not. Similarly, it’s also important for the customer to get a safe transaction process, which means security should be the priority.

  •  Fast and convenient- Another thing that a customer looks at while paying online is the steps involved in the payment. In short, they are looking for a quick yet neat payment option.

  •  Cost- You should check the cost of the process before buying the payment extension. Also, don’t forget to know that they are charging monthly or annually.

  • Compatibility– You should check the compatibility of the payment gateway If it’s able to solve your Magento stores requirements and the options it is offering.

The Top Payment gateways for Magento

  • PayPal- The reputed and oldest online payment method PayPal, is used by more than 218 million customers and 17 million merchants, globally. It is trusted and a secure online payment option which is integrated into the Magento eCommerce platform. You can get many benefits from it, as it has the conversion for at least 21 different currencies and helps you to transfer money from more than 19 different countries. It is quick, that customer does not even need to leave the page; as it is completed on the page itself.

  •  Stripe- The Australian payment gateway company has launched its extension in 2011. This extension is used in more than 100 countries and can support multiple currencies. The extension was furnished with many mind-blowing features such as the stay on-site availability. Other than that, this payment gateway can accept all major credit cards and bitcoin, Apple Pay, Android Pay, Alipay. The surprising thing is, they do not charge any extra fee for stripe integration and monthly and set up.

  •  Worldpay- The popular between merchants payment gateway is serving almost 400,000. The service is used for more than 146 countries with an approx transaction of 26 million/day. The service introduces some other ways of payment, such as virtual terminal and Pay Per Link, plus the customers do not need to leave the site for payments. The other benefits of this payment gateway are, it can be used to any size of business. The fraud protection system of this extension makes it secure for payments.Magento 2 Payment Gateway Extensions

The service is also offering other things to Magento holders with Magento 2 Worldpay Payment extension such as eWallet payments, local card scheme payments etc.

  •  Braintree- The excellent payment gateway from PayPal, which is flexible enough to work for both small and large businesses. In this multiway payment gateway, you can choose from the 6 payment ways included Apple Pay, Bitcoin, Venmo. The payment gateway comes with the other multiple features such as secure data storage, fraud protection, and PayPal integration built-in, plus you can store or delete your payment information.

  • This payment gateway is specially created for small and mid-size business. You can pay with credit cards, e-checks, visa checkout, PayPal and Apple pay. It is carrying so many security measures such as address and CVV verification, and advanced fraud detection suite. The CIM (Customer Information Manager) function of this payment gateway, allows businesses to save credit card data of their customers for lateral use. But for processing this gateway, the business should be serving their services from specific countries such as the US, Australia, Europe and Canada.

  • 2Checkout- The gateway is serving almost 50 thousand merchants. With this payment gateway, you don’t have to worry about the frauds as it has 300 safety rules for frauds. And because of these services, it is recognized with several standards such as GDPR, PCI DSS level 1, ISAE 3402, SSAE 18, BBB Accreditation etc.

The extension also provides some extra storage to the store owner to checkout orders, better. This payment gateway provides various rates according to locations and USD.

  •  Amazon pay- This payment gateway allows its customers to pay through their Amazon account. During the paying process, the customers just choose the widget and then they don’t have to leave the site to pay. Amazon also provides the same fraud protection to their payment extension as the site

With the final words, it can be said that, with these advanced payment solutions, you can make a mark in the world of business which will lead you towards immense revenue without a hassle. And as you can see with the article, Magento 2 can supply all these advantages in a better way, with a fair cost. So take a healthy try today and contact us for Magento development Service.

B2B eCommerce

Top B2B eCommerce Trends in 2020 You Should Know

In the world of B2B eCommerce, things are changing dramatically. Undoubtedly, B2B is the big market of business to business deals, and China is the best example of understanding the effect of B2B, economically. At this time when everyone wants to expand their business, without stepping foot out, B2B eCommerce can be a healthy and risk-free option. The eCommerce helps to lower the conventional barriers of entry to a foreign market, without any extra-expense.

B2B eCommerce makes the ways simpler for everyone to give a wider reach to their products. Now it has become possible for businesses to buy goods according to their needs and wants. B2B eCommerce is the key to unlock the development in the present market. In between the current development, advancement and revolution in the eCommerce industry, when a business can see the convenience of selling online, why to ignore the same convenience of buying online.

So if you are thinking about stepping in the market of B2B eCommerce, it’s a smart deal to overview the latest trends of B2B eCommerce in 2020.

Transparency- It’s always profitable and business-friendly if you are showing transparency to your consumers. It builds trust and breaks the possibility of doubts. The consumers do not get the hand-on-feel of the product, so it is better to maintain transparency. The transparency in such things like pricing, exchangeable rules can be a huge difference.

Multiple payment on-site option- To get a better conversion-rate and cash flow, nothing could be better than having an option like multiple-payments. It’s time-saving and convenient for you and your customer too. So don’t forget to add the internationally used payment options like PayPal, Apple Pay, Amazon Pay etc to your B2B eCommerce.

Customization of landing pages- The first impression is always the last, so don’t miss the chance to impress your website visitors with the landing page of your site. Make it customized well with full of attraction and uniqueness, but don’t forget to keep the buying process simple.

  • The points you should have a note on:
  • Let them know what you can do for them.
  • Offers should be clear
  • Make it easy for them, like a guide of a process of buying (Only when it’s complicated, otherwise you just end up irritating them)
  • Make it attractive and informative.

Virtual and Augmented reality- Let the visuals do the work easy and fast. After all, everyone wants to save their time, so why not use the power of virtual and augmented reality. It’s attractive and easily understandable, as, with the technology, the person can know the real product, the feel, texture, parts, colour etc.

Extensive customer support- Even a small customer service loophole, can be the reason for a huge deal slip from hands. Well, surprisingly, it’s a whopping 89% of the time, when consumers left the service, because of the bad customer support system. So it will be great to do regular on-site live chats with your customers, update the FAQ’s on-site, and use chatbots for communication.

Personalized shopping experiences- The customer loves the attention and importance they get from the sellers. If your customers are satisfied enough, by your service, there are high chances of returning. B2B eCommerce helps businesses to recognise the taste of the customers, and this little information can provide plenty of the advantage. You can also know what your customers like about your service and whatnot, so you can serve them better. All this makes you provide them with lavishing personal shopping experiences.

Importance of voices commerce- vCommerce is a new emerging feature of eCommerce. In which, customers can order with the use of voice. They don’t need to write the whole long description of the product, as with this feature, they can do it with ease.

In brief, B2B eCommerce is the need of time which makes the selling process less complicated by saving time and efforts. All these upper given trades are the key to your success, in this competition of B2B eCommerce platforms. To make it more effective, the platform like Magento will be the best for developing your B2B eCommerce site. And don’t forget to Hire Magento professionals for complete B2B eCommerce Solutions.

magento extension

Why You Need the Best Magento Extensions to Boost Your Store Profits?

Magento is one of the most popular and extensively used platforms. But does it offer everything that you want for your online business? Well, not really! And that’s completely fine, after all, it’s just a platform, not a whole solution. The eCommerce industry is a land of online businesses, wherefrom pin makers to giant machinery sellers and from paper napkin sellers to big fashion brands, all are trying hard to be sustainable.

All of these businesses have different needs with time, which means it’s hardly possible to satisfy these needs with one single platform. And that’s where extensions can fill the gap and solve every problem in the route of being sustainable.

Why do you need extensions?

The advanced generation solution Magento 2 was powered with the all latest features and functionalities. Yet, some of the defaults of it need extensions to fulfil the gap. It extends the functionality of your online business by shifting the limits of your website. Plus it saves the additional cost and time you invest in the absence of particular extensions.

These extensions can help you out with each thing you might be troubled with, From managing your financial reports to marketing. It will also help you with some crucial parts of your work such as customization, content, payment and security issues, analytics and yeah how can someone skip their aid to optimization and SEO.

How and When to Use These Magento Extensions?

Extensions do not come with the guarantee of malware freeness, so to get an extension with a hamper full of quality performance, you need to know how and when you should buy any extension for your Magento 2.

How :

  • Make the list of influences, that extension possesses.
  • Test the functionality of the extension you are choosing .
  • Test your Magento extension on several platform versions and designs.
  • Test if your extension supports an online store.
  • Cross-browser checking such as web, mobile, and tablet if supported, but don’t forget to test the backend.
  • Check how installation and uninstallation and updating processes go.
  • Check the compatibility of extensions with third-party extensions and services.
  • Make the list of influences, that extension possesses.
  • Test the functionality of the extension you are choosing .
  • Test your Magento extension on several platform versions and designs.
  • Test if your extension supports an online store.
  • Cross-browser checking such as web, mobile, and tablet if supported, but don’t forget to test the backend.
  • Check how installation and uninstallation and updating processes go.
  • Check the compatibility of extensions with third-party extensions and services.
  • Perform the standard security check.
  • Cross-check the above point.
  • Perform the standard security check.
  • Cross-check the above point.

When :

  • Use them only when they fit your budget.
  • Use the extension only, when it’s compatible with the mango version.
  • Use that extension only which is highly supported by developers.
  • Use the extension with good reviews.
  • Use the extension, which is available on reliable sources.
  • Ensure that extension is under development, so you can get support whenever you need.

List of the best Magento 2 extensions you should buy in 2020

Top Extensions for accounting


It automates your business by connecting it to business apps such as accounting, CRM, eCommerce, email marketing, fulfilment, billing & invoicing and inventory management.

Eliminate human error from the process of data entry.

To keep stock up-to-date, it connects it with multiple sales channels.

Tax Jar

It automatically performs all accounting related activities such as sales tax calculation, filling, reporting etc and saves, hours and hours.

The lightweight extension helps you in sales tax filing by imparting the collection of sales tax owed by the country, state, city or any other district.

It also helps your business fit in with the sales spaces such as Amazon, eBay etc.

Top Extensions for marketing

Magento 2 Instagram connect

  • It’s easy to format smoothly and connect your online store with your Insta profile.
  • By using product tags, you can select hashtags on Instagram.
  • The extension is only available for Magento 2, so it’s an opportunity to increase the Instagram engagements.
  • You can design templates by drag and drop and manage them with this app.


  • It furnished with easy-to-use dashboard and high-performing campaigning to help you out with the matter of the advertisement.
  • It saves your time, which you may invest in developing resources.
  • It automates the Adroll pixel, which can help you in Ad campaigns and the collection of site visitors.
  • The premium users of the extension can generate effective product Ads.

Top Extensions for payment and security

Magento 2 Stripe integration

  • It provides the solution of stripe payment gateway to your online store.
  • With the help of its stripe.js token, you can pay instantly.
  • It also allows refunds to those who want to cancel their order.
  • It provides the 3D secure support for vault and one-time payments.

Astra security suite

  • It can resolve all security problems related to malware, SEO spams, credit card hacks, XSS, comment spams etc.
  • It’s an on-demand malware scanner with immediate malware cleanup.
  • Compatible for all Magento editions this extension also offers WAF(Web Application Firewall).

Top Extensions for store improvement and optimization

Magento 2 AMP(Accelerated mobile pages) extension

  • It can dramatically improve your customer experience and can provide you with better revenue and sales.
  • This extension by plum rocket simplifies the process of AMP implementation.
  • The extension not only creates AMP pages for product pages but also for home page, CMS page, Category page.
  • With its integration in SEO tools google analytics and google tag manager, it can take your Magento store to the next level.

Mageplaza SEO extension

  • The wow SEO extension of Magento 2 can prevent your website from plagiarism.
  • It provides an SEO checklist and reports.
  • It can help in generating the sitemaps(XML/HTML) of your website.
  • It is also helpful for attracting searchers from snippets on search engines.
  • It can automatically add the structured data to your site and much more.

Our Top extensions to make the work easy

Magento Survey extension

  • The extension helps you to know what’s in the mind of your customer, through the valuable feedback.
  • It creates multiple surveys by adding unlimited questions, which you can easily manage and track.
  • The extension can provide the data on specific countries’ surveys.
  • With the help of its flexible settings, it can place your survey on any page or area of your website.

M2 auto account creation while guest check out extension

  • This unique extension is a valuable solution in the absence of password and registration requirements.
  • This extension automatically makes an account as a customer account after the guest visitor checkout as a guest, which improves the conversion rate.
  • With this extension, it’s totally up to you to enable or disable the commands.
  • It automatically sends the new account creation mail to the customers.

M2 Pincode & COD Delivery Checker Extension

  • The extension helps in better delivery as it checks out the COD and shipping availability of customers.
  • This extension also makes it convenient for customers to check out possibilities of delivery.
  • The extension can work with other third-party extensions.
  • It can also restrict the payment methods on checkout pages.
  • It’s a user-friendly extension as it can import the CSV file for updated postcodes.

In short, with the help of these extensions, you can take your eCommerce website to the next level. What you need is just a right bunch of professionals, the Magento  experts know how to utilize well with each of these Magento extensions. However, if you need any suggestion, we are right here to help.