Magento 2 Upgrade Services

Most Important Benefits Of Magento 2

Magento is a leading e-commerce platform. Magento 2 is the former’s latest version. It was released in November 2015. Magento 2 represents a significant advance over Magento 1. We take a look at some of the most important benefits of Magento 2.

Better Designed
Magento 2 is specifically designed to deliver a superior experience to customers as well as admin. The former retains the flexibility that Magento is renowned for. It also adds certain important and useful functionality. The platform is fully scalable. It has the capacity to grow as enterprises grow. The former is fast and offers a streamlined process to ramp up conversions as well as encourage repeat clients.

Better Performance
Magento 2 has the capacity of ten million catalog page views per hour. Magento 1 had the capacity of just 500,000 page views. In short Magento 2 has twenty times the capacity of Magento 1. Magento 2 is on average 20% faster than Magento 1. Better site speed results in more sales and ramps up website search engine optimization. The latest platform incorporates full-page caching. Hence pages load much faster. They take only 1 to 2 seconds. For non-caching pages the time to load is 5 to 10 seconds. Magento 2 upgrade can handle 39% more number of orders than Magento 1. Also, it is 66% faster in terms of adding products to cart.

Improved admin interface
The fresh admin interface was built with the goal of minimizing the time spent managing an online store. Benchmarked against the predecessor it is considerably more user friendly as well as easier for fresh staff to master. As a result of the drag-and-drop layout editing feature users inexperienced in coding can also modify the look of an online store.

Easily Upgradable
Magento 2 is far easier to upgrade than its predecessor. As a result, you can always have the latest version of the e-commerce platform.

Easier checkout process
In order to checkout user has to enter his/her email address in the form. If the email address is present in the database only password needs to be entered. Other fields are filled automatically. If the email address is not found the user is able to checkout normally. Depending on the pin code entered city and state fields are populated automatically. There is no ‘type of credit card’ field now. The type is automatically chosen when the card number is entered.

If you have your site running on Magento 1 remember that official support to Magento 1 will end in 2018. It is recommended that you upgrade your site to Magento 2 at the earliest. If your site is not running on Magento at all then adopt it for better performance and results.