Magento Security Patch Installation

Magento Security Patch Installation

  • Security Patch Installation, Download & Configuration
  • Progressive SSL Certificate encryption
  • Security Patch Regular Updates
  • Applying and running the Patch for various Magento vulnerability

Magento Security Patch Installation Services India

Magento Security Patch Installation and update will enhance the security of your eCommerce store and protects you from losing all important data. To help you fix and install these security patches on your eCommerce store, you can look out for top Magento Services providers such as magePoint.

Our professional Magento Development Team will take care that security patches are installed properly with proper testing. MagePoint team will share dedicate report of your complete store.

Our Comprehensive Range Of Magento Security Patch Installation Services Includes

  • SUPEE 9767 Installation
  • SUPEE 9652 Installation
  • SUPEE 6788 Installation
  • SUPEE 6482 Installation
  • SUPEE 6285 Installation
  • SUPEE 8788 Installation
  • SUPEE 7405 Installation
  • SUPEE 5994 Installation
  • SUPEE 5344 Installation
  • SUPEE 1533 Installation

Magento security patch is a piece of code used to update a computer program or its supporting information, to resolve or enhance it. This incorporates resolving security vulnerabilities, bug fixes and enhance the ease of execution. This restorative activity will prohibit strong exploitation and eliminate to misuse of a particular weakness in a resource.

To deal with Magento Issues and With a specific end goal to secure Magento Installation against potential threats, Magento releases its security patches so as to ensure a safe, secure, and bug-free Environment for online Merchants. Magento continues releasing the patches so as to give a powerful secure platform and is succeeding as well.

Magento has released the following  Security Patches that serve to surpass hidden security threats and Magento vulnerabilities, SUPEE 9767 being the most recent released patch on 31st May 2017. While a patch covers both the Magento Versions, i.e; Magento Enterprise Edition and Magento Community Edition. We have enclosed the installation of subsequent patches yet you can introduce other patches as well.

Importance of Magento Check for Security Patch Updates

  • SUPEE 9767 : This Magento Security patch contains multiple security updates. It is very Critical for Magento Enterprise Edition prior to and Community Edition prior to – Added May 31, 2017
  • SUPEE 9652 : This patch contains security updates related to the Zend library vulnerability. It is Major for Magento Enterprise Edition prior to and Community Edition prior to – Added Feb 6, 2017
  • SUPEE 8788 : This patch contains multiple security updates. It is critical for Magento Enterprise Edition prior to 1.14.3 and Community Edition prior to 1.9.3 – Added Oct 11, 2016
  • SUPEE 7405 : The updates add support for PHP 5.3 and address issues with upload file permissions, merging carts, and SOAP APIs experienced with the original release. They DO NOT address any new security issues.- Added Feb 23, 2016
  • SUPEE 6482 : This is New patch recently- Added on August 4, 2015. Here is Magento new release patch SUPEE-6482 for fixing the below issues in Community & Enterprise Edition

For Magento Enterprise Edition:

  • Auto loaded File Inclusion in Magento SOAP API
  • SSRF Vulnerability in WSDL File
  • Cross-Site Scripting Using Unvalidated Headers

For Magento Community Edition:

  • Autoloaded File Inclusion in Magento SOAP API
  • SSRF Vulnerability in WSDL File
  • SUPEE 6285 (Version 1 & 2): This patch is important from the security point of view and provides protection against various types of security-related issues, including Information leakage, Cross-site request forgery, and cross-site scripting. – Added Jul 7, 2015
  • SUPEE 5994 : This Magento Security patch addresses multiple security vulnerabilities in Magento Community Edition, this includes issues that can put customer important information at risk. – Added May 14, 2015
  • SUPEE 5344 : This Magento Security patch Addresses a potential remote code execution exploit. – Added Feb 9, 2015
  • SUPEE 1533 : SUPEE 1533 patch addresses two potential remote code execution exploits. – Added Oct 3, 2014

With the most recent version upgrade, Magento has integrated all these patches manufactured in with installation henceforth, Magento’s latest version is more robust against potential assaults on your eCommerce store.

Why Security patches and their updates should be taken seriously?

Security patch releases and version updates are the essential strategies of Magento’s current responsibility, for resolving security vulnerabilities in the system. Magento is always endeavoring to enhance their performance, and one necessary aspect towards adding to positive exposure for Magento clients is giving them first-class security.

Despite the fact that Magento provides security upgrades, the best way to ensure the wellbeing of your site is to use their resources and take the best possible safety measures.

Signs of an unpatched eCommerce Store

Hackers can run the nasty code and may attempt to create a fake administrator user with all rights in the Magento database utilizing SQL injections.

If you think, your site has been hacked, then we prescribe that you search for the consequent signs to figure out whether your site has possibly been damaged:

Anonymous accounts

Check your user’s administrator index for anonymous accounts. We have seen vpwq, ypwq, and admin_user being the most commonly used names among hackers so far, however, any of these obscure accounts is doubtful.

Anonymous documents

Inspect your Magento installation for any anonymous documents that were newly created and are doubtful. Contrast all documents with your code store or arranging server.

Unknown IP Addresses

Check server access log records for request POST /index.php / admin / Cms_Wysiwyg / directive / index / coming from unknown IP addresses.

Malicious Virus

Run a tool to inspect for Trojans (e.g. Chkrootkit).

Wrong permissions

Inspect for wrong permissions.

Hidden documents

Inspect for hidden documents.

Anonymous port

Inspect for the anonymous port being opened or any port redirection on OS Level.

Important Features of a Magento Security Patch Installation

Usually, a patch is introduced with provisional fixes within full releases of a Magento Newest Version. Patches may help you do any of the following:

  • Address to New security Magento vulnerability,
  • Fix a bug or a security hole within the Magento eCommerce Store,
  • Upgrade your Store,
  • And Addresses stores stability issues.

What can you expect from us?

While many online retailers are still left with Magento Security patch updates. To ensure your Magento store is secured magePoint is poised to assist you in solving your problems with a team of dedicated Magento experts for:

  • Security Patch Download, Installation & configuration
  • Applying and running patch for various Magento vulnerability
  • Security Patch Regular Updates
  • PCI compliance and no security-holes and openings in your server
  • Progressive SSL Certificate encryption
  • Troubleshooting

If you are confronting any related issue with Magento Security patch installation, feel free to contact us, we will be happy to serve you. Your Magento store security is more important than anything else for us.

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