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Magento Speed Optimization

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Magento speed and performance Optimization ServiceMagento speed and performance optimization services offered by magePoint is a fully selected set of actions aimed at speeding up any Magento eCommerce website and store. With our professional Magento Speed Optimization services, we create endless possibilities for you to attract your online visitors.

As you certainly know that at this point, Google is using webpage speed in web search ranking. Agreed ?

Actually Yes, Speed Matters! Webpage speed is very important not only because it is used in search results, but mainly for the User Experience (UX) on your website. Research shows that in eCommerce the slower the website loading speed, the less you will get output. This greatly effects bounce rate, conversions and your company’s profit.

Benefits of Magento Speed Optimization

  • Better User Experience
  • Reduce bounce rates and hence increase overall conversion rate
  • Drastically reduces server load
  • You will see maximum profit for your magento business
  • Comprehends maximum savings on server’s cost
  • Significantly enhance your Magento execution, page speed, and optimization

Magento Speed & Performance Optimization Services

We have successfully done magento speed optimization task for 200+ magento website and produced unbelievable results for our clients. We cover following services under Magento Speed Optimization:

  • minify

    Minify CSS, Javascript and HTML

    We are there to assist you to keep up with the latest web standards by minifying your CSS, JS and HTML

  • optimize server

    Optimize server for better performance

    Having a well-optimized server is very crucial and we’re here to set up finetune configurations to give you fastest loading time.

  • CSS and javascript fine-tuning

    We fix all the errors and issues in CSS, Javascript, HTML etc. This helps in optimizing your website to a large extent

  • cdn-configuration

    CDN Configuration

    Choosing a CDN provider helps in loading the static content faster. We can assist you in the configuration of the same, just in a few hours.

  • full page cache

    Full page Cache Configuration

    In Magento, full-page caching allows quick loading of display category, product, and CMS pages. can look forward to our services where we implement full page cache or varnish.

  • SQL Injections for security checks

    We review SQL queries to resolve all the coding bugs and malpractices to provide you with a fully optimized website.

Why there is need for Magento speed optimization

Magento is a feature-rich platform, which offers high flexibility, control, scalability, reliability, security and much more. Where these attractive features makes it obvious to choose Magento platform for large scale eCommerce solutions. But what if a customer is on checkout page and website loads very slow? Have you ever think of its impact on your company’s bottom line, conversion rate, bounce rate and the customers long lasting experience?

Your Magento store speed is very crucial to avoid any of these situations, to keep your customers happy. Optimizing Magento page speed remains challenge as slow page speed can have a huge impact on user experience as well as seo.

It’s time to Boost your magento store’s speed to maintain your customers trust and to avoid such issues in future.

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