Project Communication Strategy

A successful project hinges on effective communication. It is imperative to identify who will be communicating with whom and the communication mediums at the onset of the project.

  • Project Communication Strategy

    Project Analysis

    Objectives and communication process are established.

  • Meeting of Team and Client

    Ideally face to face meeting is held. Otherwise videoconferencing serves the purpose.

  • Proper and Clear information

    Use cloud-based project management software for a free as well as a simple method to communicate and work together with other individuals in the team.

  • Single Point of Contact

    This ensures that there is no confusion or misunderstanding. Also, the person is responsible for any issues that may arise.

  • Different Communicational Ways

    Meetings, project reports, email, discussion boards, and document repositories are platforms we leverage for secure and clear communication.

  • Project Workflow Accessibility

    Leveraging collaboration software even clients at a remote locations can monitor the tasks pending and tasks completed.

  • Secure Development Environment

    This ensures the confidentiality of the project.

  • Respect & Flexibility

    Whatever the post they may hold all team members are expected to treat other members with respect.

  • Complete Documentation

    The documentation can be read and understood even by a non-technical person.

  • Proper Reporting of work status

    Both the project manager and client get alerts regarding work status via automated software at any time and irrespective of any geographical location.