Quality Commitment

magePoint is committed to achieving the highest standards of quality in everything we do. What separates magePoint from the rest, is the level of our quality commitment. We accords top priority to deliver high quality products to our valued clients. We implement our quality processes throughout the eCommerce development life cycle. Proactive quality implementation is our motto.

How do we make sure of the quality of the Magento eCommerce deliverable?

  • 1Only certified and experienced magento developers are assigned to each project. The result is high quality and world class products. Each team member is responsible as well as accountable for the final quality of the deliverable.
  • 2magePoint leverages Agile methodologies and Agile frameworks to develop flawless and high-quality software products.
  • 3We make sure that our staff is fully aware of the latest testing and quality assurance processes.
  • 4We have our very own mature and quality processes which have been refined over time.
  • 5Investment in training and quality assurance. We don’t compromise in obtaining the latest quality assurance as well as testing tools.
  • 6We make sure that each member of the quality assurance team is well trained and up-to-date with the latest quality practices.
  • 7After one individual performs a quality check, the checking process is given to another individual. This ensures that even if some flaws are overlooked in the first iteration they are identified and eliminated in successful iterations.
  • 8Code review is an integral part of our process thus eliminating errors that may have crept in by mistake.