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Magento 2 Security

Secure your store with best Magento 2 Security practices

Having an online store on Magento 2 shields you in many ways with its time-to-time updates and features. Yet, the current spending on site vulnerabilities won’t let you ignore it especially when Gartner estimates it $ 133.7 billion in 2022.

However, while you upgrade to Magento 2, lot’s of security practices are already done. And for full-blown Magento 2 security practices, you can thank us later.

Magento announced it for Magento EOL (End Of Life) long ago and the sound can be clearly heard now. As a Magento Development Agency, we hope you have also reached safely on Magento 2, for the sake of security.

Nevertheless, extending safety technologies are followed by stocking security threats. In such cases, it’s better to be aware of the next security practices.

The Best Magento 2 security Practices-

Protect Magento admin- Admin panel of Magento known for its handiness and efficiency. By the same way, if it’s insecure, it’s like you’re handing the cockpit to hijackers. Hackers can easily access your entire site by undertaking your admin panel. So if you don’t want them to steal or modify data, inject malware, store redirection, host malicious, protect your admin by:

Change default admin URL-


Log in Admin Panel

Go to Stores > Configuration

Chick Advance > Admin

Expand Admin base URL section

Set “Use Custom Admin URL” to “Yes”

Enter the Custom admin URL

You will be logged out and redirected to the “New admin URL”

Limit access to the admin


System > Permission > Users roles

Click “Add new role”

Enter username and password

Go to “Role Resources”

Select the resource access you wish to grant your new user

Click “Save Role”

After adding new users you can select specific roles

Use Updated Software-

The latest version of Magento with all the latest security patches- Magento regularly updates security patches and updates to check website potential and vulnerabilities. For that, it will be best if you regularly update these security patches, so keep your platform update and safety measures too. However, there are some steps you have to ensure when upgrading a site:

Backup code and database before changes

Change your Magento root directory into an upgraded one

Use SSH to login remote server

Commit, add and push code changes

Update your project

Verify your Magento version

Complete deployment

Updated extensions- Extensions are made to work easy, don’t use them as a burden and security threats. Ensure the safety of extension before choosing it for your site. If you are using an older one, make sure it’s upgraded. Moreover, to upgrade your Magento extension, you can follow these steps:

Create a new branch on your local workstation and then make any changes.

Disable your extensions as per requirements.

Download extension upgrades as per the availability.

Install the upgrade as documented

Test & enable extensions

Commit, add and push code changes to remote

Test in your integration environment

Push to the staging environment to test in a pre-production environment

Strict File Permissions- For preventing your file from tempting and hacking, assure your file permissions are strict. As per Magento rule book, your core file and directory should be set with the read-only setting. The 777 file permission should always be avoided, as it offers all to read, write and execute permission to all users. Rather than this, active 640, so it’s available for owners only.

Regularly Backup data- Precaution is better than cure! And this rule goes for website security also. In the case of Magneto, ensure your database and server are automatically directed to an external location. So when there is any malware attack, you have all your data in safe hands.

Activate web app farewell- By filtering and monitoring HTTP traffic between web application and internet, this is how farewell secures your site. Farewell protects your site from harmful bots, blacklisted IPs and petty users.

Disable dangerous PHP functions- Some of the PHP functions could be used to inject malicious code to site. And to ignore them, double-check disabled.

Install a security plugin- You can’t sit day-and-night over your site after security is a 24-hour job. And for that, It will be better if you use a security plugin for your site. With the help of Magento security plugin, you can focus on your business rather than worrying about security.

Conduct security audit- Cross-check is also important when it comes to every-second changeable web security. Carefully overview the VAPT report, and make any possible fixes and security lapses.

Protect your server- HTTPS/SSL are the security layers of your site while communicating with the server. Other than that, don’t install extensions directly on the server but disable Magento downloader. As another option, you can remove/block access or better if use a whitelisting method.

For some more Magento 2 Security Tips click the link you just saw.

Why magePoint for Magento 2 security?

Hope recommended Magento 2 security Practices will help you a lot to handle Magento security matters. However, ever-evolving security can never guarantee 100% and the need for a constant expert eye always required. At this point, magePoint can fill this gap between you and your site security.

Top 10 Effective Magento 2 SEO Tips T

Top 10 Effective Magento 2 SEO Tips To Boost Visibility Of Your Online Store

Have Magento 2 as a site-builder? Great start!

Does it have enough SEO boosting functions for online visibility? Pretty well!

But in this emerging market of online purchase, where more than 1.8 million people were globally purchasing online in 2018. Being an online Magento store owner, you might also urge for a wider presence, right?

If yes? Note down the following Magento 2 SEO tips and boost the visibility of your eCommerce store. But before that, read some highlighted points and know how it’s beneficial.

Advantages of online store visibility-

  • Help to find potential customer
  • Expend new market
  • Cost-effective way to improve the bottom line
  • Proper SEO implantation
  • Long-lasting effects
  • Easy and effective brand awareness
  • Boost marketing efficiency

Top 10 Effective Magento 2 SEO tips-

  1. Set up Google search console & analytics- First and foremost thing you should do is, set up your Google search console and & analytics. No, it’s not only about indexing fast but far more than that. Whether Google search console will help to track sites performance and errors, analytics will help you with site traffic.
  2. Add blog section- Apart from product pages if you want to expand your keywords strategy, try blogs. It is the most non-technical and effective one. However, Magento 2 has many other features to make it search engine friendly.

    But one of the research on eCommerce websites shows that the chances of indexing increase 434% when you have blogs on your site.

  3. Avoid plagiarism- Duplicacy does not only affect your SEO but site reputation too. Think from the visitor’s, what if you search for something very crucial and find the same thing again and again with different URLs.

    What if the intent is the same? Is this what you’re confused on? Use a canonical tag. It enables you to tell Google, which one is the main URL. In the case of eCommerce, where there are many same products in various categories, these tags are highly valuable.

  4. Mobile-friendliness – You have won half of the battle while you choose Magneto 2. It is the best from a customization perspective but to become the ideal of future mCommerce, you need to add some more on it.
    • Use mobile responsive Magento themes
    • Use Magento mobile extension
    • Update Magneto as it is mobile responsive
    • This is the reason we above-mentioned that you won half of the battle.

    Know More On Why Choose Magento 2 for Mobile Commerce.

  5. Boost Magento 2 store speed- This factor alone can destroy your entire SEO efforts within seconds. Even the best-optimized website fails when it does not open on time.

    Install javascript extension as JS code. It automatically moves to the bottom of the page and speeds up loading and increases speed score. Also, it optimizes the JS bundle, minimizes its size and reduces loading time.

  6. This is the reason we above-mentioned that you won half of the battle.

    Know More On Why Choose Magento 2 Store Speed Boost

  7. Review and rating with rich snippets- Include rich snippets with rating, and see how effectively it works. The more information shown on SERPs( Search Engine Ranking Page), the more it increases the chances of CTR( Click Through Rate). To do so, Magento has many third-party extensions available.
  8. Optimize product image- Most of the retailers fail to leverage the product images, as they don’t know how to optimize. However, image additions are important for eCommerce but slow the site speed. So it will be better if you reduce the size up to 100 KB.
  9. For more promising results, use rich media content such as video content as Google and customers both like it more than any flat one.

  10. Optimized Magento 2 URL structure- A short and relevant URL is the first way to optimize URL. Make sure your page URL doesn’t have any irrelevant part, and you add page intent.
    There is no rock-solid formula for it, but we have some expert tips for you.
  11. Tips:

    • Use less dynamic URL strings
    • Use more descriptive keywords
    • Use Static URLs (stay away from “?” “&,” and “=”)
    • Use hyphens (-) instead of underscores (_)
    • Stick to lowercase letters
  12. Secure website with SSL certification- No doubt, Magento is quite a secure platform, but in this high-tech world, it’s better to be more alert. An SSL certification is the most primary and necessary thing to do so.
  13. When you move to HTTPS, don’t forget to track your migration thoroughly in Google Search Console and Analytics.

  14. Easy navigation- Every website should be easy to handle, and when it comes to eCommerce websites, it becomes a critical part to make it easy to navigate.
  15. Make sure when you work on navigation, you carefully design the filters as search engine bots can waste your bandwidth while crawling in and out of them.

    Hire Magento 2 SEO experts!

On a final point, when you have all expert Magento 2 SEO tips to boost online store visibility, we have one last question for you. Will these tips be sustained for always? The painful answer is No! So we suggest you Hire Magento 2 SEO Experts, to update the SEO strategies without a break.

Magento 2 SEO Tips

Top Tips to Boost The Conversion Rate of a Magento 2 eCommerce Store

No doubt, Magento 2 is one of the powerful platforms, to get a good conversion from e-commerce stores. But as some tips & tricks can be helpful to deliver more prominent, Magento 2 needs them too. As a savvy Magento Development Company, we serve the best possible to our clients and want you to obtain the best.

The latest survey on conversion rate reports- its only 2.35% for most of the typical business and the top one get almost 10% from their FB Ads. However, other states that only 22% of them are satisfied with their conversion rates.

Yes, Magento is known for its stunning features, but an expert tip can make it fly high. In this article, we will take you deep into the latest Magento 2 conversion booster tips, and fine-lined only useful details, so stay connected and keep rolling.

Top tips to boost Magento 2 e-commerce

1. Improve product description- It is the first interaction between your product and the customer. It helps them to experience the product through your words. They analyze if the product can fulfil their requirements or not.

When a potential customer lands on your site, the mentioned product features lead them in two ways. First, if they find targeting keywords that they are looking for, they directly lead to buy. And if they have a YES/No mind, features attract them to buy it.

2. Enable review and rating- According to a local review survey, 85% of shoppers trust online reviews. And why don’t they? In a scenario, when they can’t see & feel products physically, trusting someone who purchased already, is evident.

Magento 2 is packed with some mind-blowing reviews showcasing plugins to make it easy for your customers to see reviews and make decisions.

3. Enhance CTA button quality- “Call To Action” buttons are incoming doors to lead visitors to the action from the landing page. When visitors like your product or content, they think to move further, but what if he/she does not find the door to action.

In such cases, CTA buttons work like an incoming door to them. Whereas in Magento 2 you can make a variety of attractive CTA buttons that visitors like to click.

4. Improve site navigation- Magento 2 has the latest admin panel. It has a smooth design and easy navigation which at last smoothen the process for admin to users too.

However, it’s not always matters of designers and admins but customers too. Site navigation shows easy-going & engaging users. If a customer finds it efficient to move, then he moves to the final process.

5. Ignore complicated checkout process- Average shoppers leave the product before buying because of the complicated checkout process. When you add check out to your site, take some tips with you such as:

  • Add multiple checkout button
  • Provide a secure checkout process
  • Remove complications from fields such as numbers
  • Offer guest checkout option
  • Mobile-friendly checkout

Thanks to Magento 2, it has removed some steps from its check process. And fulfil all given golden rules. For example, the system fills out your credit card type and saves your time.

6. Optimise website for mobile devices- More than 2 billion shoppers make purchases from mobile devices in 2019. And no one can deny that 2020 is not revolution time for digitalization. If your website is well optimized for mobile devices, then only you can lead the boosting conversion rate race.

The latest internal API is best for creating and managing mobile apps. It also offers interaction with Google Universal Analytics, which helps in data collection and monitoring.

7. Categorize pages with filters- Filter helps to navigate visitors better and directs them towards the right products. From thousands of products and products categories, filter select as per customer needs is a direct way to personalization.

M2 Filters are great for organising your page results, to look at a specific subset of products or orders. This data can be analysed and monitored to keep track of customer behaviour in-store.

8. Ensure quick page load- Everyone is well-aware with the 3-second rule. A quick loading page is crucial in this fast running competitive market. If your website does not load with a click, there is not less option available. No matter how good you work on website designs, content, or anything else, if it does not load at the time, it’s good for nothing.

However, with Magneto 2, they have many stored features to boost the website.

9. Optimized price slider- Price can make visitors stay or leave your site. But if you have an optimized price slider, they can shop with their budgets. This kind of comfort provides them with a more personalization experience. Plus the easy-to-use price slider does it with ease.

Magento price sliders make it time-consuming for shoppers to compare prices and shop accordingly.

10. Personalizations matter- To target customers with the help of personal data, called personalization. If you want your customer to feel more connected, it is the best way to do it.

Here are some points you have to focus on:

  • Present purchase history
  • Smart emails
  • Use locations for specific content creation
  • Hyper- relevant visuals
  • Show own data-informed homepage

Closing Thoughts!

Magento is one of the best e-commerce platforms to drive conversion. But the implementation of these tips can boost your Magento store on the other levels. What you have to do is perform them correctly. However, if you want expert work with faster results, Hire Magento Developers with world-class expertise. After all, a high conversion rate is indicative of successful marketing and web design.